Why The Miami Heat are Built for The 2020 NBA Playoffs | Chris Bosh and JJ Redick

The Miami Heat just eliminated The Milwaukee Bucks in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in The 2020 NBA Playoffs. Chris Bosh (The Toronto Raptors / Miami Heat) and JJ Redick (New Orleans Pelicans) discuss why this specific Heat team is built for The Bubble with players like Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Duncan Robinson.

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CB1 the legend. I loved him in Miami
Memes And basketball
Memes And basketball:
Damn jj acting like a heat lifer without ever being on the heat lmao 😂
Bernard Lacanlale
Bernard Lacanlale:
"James catches, puts up a 3, won't go. Rebound Bosh.
JJ asking for exact details of the conditioning test . He rdy for Mia 😂
Chop It With Chooks
Chop It With Chooks:
This post was scheduled to go out the minute that final whistle went in game 5 lol
Harvee Abrehan
Harvee Abrehan:
redick to heat confirmed
Datboydev 954
Datboydev 954:
Imagine butler, bam, and bosh😷😤
SkipTastic!!! !
SkipTastic!!! !:
Damn bro we still got 2.2 seconds left can you wait
young Assassin
young Assassin:
bosh has always been one of my favorite heat players of all time , so underrated. hated the way his career ended
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh:
nguyễn hiệp
nguyễn hiệp:
jj regret joining the pels instead of the heat
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas:
Nathaniel Hart
Nathaniel Hart:
I’m a raptors fan but I don’t really care if we lose, I low key want to see Miami win
Cedric Arciaga Vallero
Cedric Arciaga Vallero:
Bro, imagine
Prime Wade, Dragic, Jimmy, Bam and Prime Bosh
Yerr Tv
Yerr Tv:
A gentlemans sweep 🧹
You gotta get Jimmy back on now
ralph jurgen
ralph jurgen:
those portraits on the top shelf are actually poster sized, Bosh is just that big
1M Sword
1M Sword:
Imagine if Chris Bosh became Bam’s mentor
Bosh would’ve been hella nice on this current Heat team
Tim Coulthurst
Tim Coulthurst:
I don't like the heat, but damn they are fun to watch. Many likeable guys on that team.
Claudio Rabsten
Claudio Rabsten:
giannis thinking about miami now haha
Datboydev 954
Datboydev 954:
Lavar Cole
Lavar Cole:
😂 well damn could have just wait for a few seconds js...
John Noelsaint
John Noelsaint:
JJ better come to the Heat next year the way he been covering them lately. Mostly likely he’s under contract
Y’all be waiting for the buzzer to post these huh
Jack Ziluck
Jack Ziluck:
slide to Miami jj
Lifestyle Way
Lifestyle Way:
Keep those heat interviews coming
Lob City Podcast
Lob City Podcast:
As a post collegiate athlete, I’m getting flashback of those conditioning test 😳😳 my goodness lol
Ankit Patel
Ankit Patel:
Let's Go Miami Heat!!! 🔥🔥🔥
They did it, ez game
Real Nigga
Real Nigga:
Where theres heat theres fire where theres fire theres smoke and we want all of it #Heatnation
Frank Mattey
Frank Mattey:
Love this dude Bosh!! Feel the HEAT!!
Jordan Minkoff Geraldo
Jordan Minkoff Geraldo:
> Bosh decides to buy pro mic
> Also decides to use airpods for interview, and leave the pro mic in the back
Nur Jehad Monir
Nur Jehad Monir:
JJ Redick on a heat jersey next season
Joel Akinyemi
Joel Akinyemi:
JJ timed it well😭
Austin Abrahan
Austin Abrahan:
Lebron wanted spolestra replaced btw
Jack Naneek
Jack Naneek:
Chris Bosh is smartest guy out there. He's awesome.
Bradley Vadas
Bradley Vadas:
When he said “dude with long arms to get a defensive stop to get it all done”...aged pretty well for Bam
JJ slide thru to the Heat mane 😂
Reynard Joseph
Reynard Joseph:
JJ in miami heat would be lit! Splash fam with herro and robinson.
The way bam keeps playing he might be like bosh man dudes a beast right now
Bike Maurice
Bike Maurice:
Gotta know about Spo
HustleOrBeBrokeGaming Tv
HustleOrBeBrokeGaming Tv:
I been telling ppl ALL YEAR we the best team in the East now look at us about to win it !!!!!
Nando Lpz
Nando Lpz:
I’ll never forget that Bosh game against the Hawks
Jonathan Keith Quinio
Jonathan Keith Quinio:
JJ to the heat confirmed. He really trying to get in the good graces of these heat legends for their endorsement for them to sign him, haha! JJ and duncan robinson would be dope though
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie:
The Demented Man32
The Demented Man32:
Fear the deer? More like the deer feared the Heat he couldn't handle that humid
thanks jj for all these interviews
Ryan Ching
Ryan Ching:
We miss you CB1!!!! #HeatNation
GSHeverything _27
GSHeverything _27:
Bosh is a great guy to interview #HeatNation
FlaKs XD
FlaKs XD:
By this point JJ will sign with the heat
Armarniel Dela Cruz
Armarniel Dela Cruz:
take a shot everytime bosh says 'you know'
T-Man Tamene
T-Man Tamene:
I love your podcast! Very fun and educational!
Dennis SpareParts
Dennis SpareParts:
Bosh!!!!! Legend and Living example of Heat culture.
Alan Ramseur
Alan Ramseur:
JJ to South Beach: CONFIRMED
Whats up JJ, been watching you since you were a Sophomore at Duke
gregory munits
gregory munits:
CB so underrated
sean 24
sean 24:
im convinced the number of times chris said "you know" in this interview is more than what i'll ever say in my life
Jimmy Raymond
Jimmy Raymond:
Just wish I could see if the playoffs would be any different if Covid didn’t hit.. like would the heat be doing what there doing? Same with okc and so on..
Isnt this "Heat culture "supposed to be basic for every team in the NBA? Bosh's answer sounds so generic. I was expecting more details that would differentiate from other teams.
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson:
CB : heat culture , its not hard . It’s not hard... it’s not easy
Chris "you know" Bosh
Nice to hear candid athletes on how one hates conditioning
76ers management biting their butts for traiding Jimmy.
Zack wooden
Zack wooden:
They won!!!!!
Heat is another version of warriors minus KD
Kent Jousel Austria
Kent Jousel Austria:
I'm pretty sure those miami heat team has a chance from 1950-2020
Ryven Yesaya
Ryven Yesaya:
CB got a nice mic back there goin to waste
Sum Ting Wog
Sum Ting Wog:
Is that a velociraptor
Sebasian Cerna
Sebasian Cerna:
Nick Smith
Nick Smith:
you know
Hamish Henare
Hamish Henare:
What does "1 up, 1up, 2 back" mean lmao
Mr. Prince
Mr. Prince:
JJ asking for a friend
It's gonna be funny when JJ goes to Miami
Taries Jones
Taries Jones:
Chris about to grow the dreads back huh bru
Oscar et sa guitare
Oscar et sa guitare:
Bam Adebayo is kind of a Pascal Siakam
Mr Odsor
Mr Odsor:
chris *youknow* bosh
Yung Lawson
Yung Lawson:
I loved two a days tho but hated it too lol
ee thaw
ee thaw:
LoL. Only after they advanced to WC final
Tobías Chaparro
Tobías Chaparro:
you know

That s all I'm gonna say
magnolia strouse
magnolia strouse:
Celtics heat series bouta go crazy
Pratik Pawar
Pratik Pawar:
0:00 he was trying to smell his armpits and immediately realized hez on cam.
Real talk though. Heat has a bunch of dogs including Jimmy who don't back down. But there is a big *'GIMME THE BALL'* energy with their scorers with Jimmy, Dragic and even Herro and Bam in key moments where they want that shot and try take over for stretches. Along with a group of guys proud to make strong stops on defense. Even teams with elite stars like Lakers have Lebron and AD and neither want to really have that take over moment. Lebron can do it but but sometimes his body will remind him that he's 35 years old. The Nuggets can definitely use it because as great as Jokic is he gotta take of business helping everyone and he's not threatening the Clippers that he'll drop 40 on whoever is defending him.
Uncle Nature
Uncle Nature:
Jimmy has white guy arms Chris
chris bosh is a computer programmer now
Nothing worse than running??

Try some hill sprints
Lildragonbun 小籠包英文
Lildragonbun 小籠包英文:
I don't get what their conditioning test is. They just run the length of the court 10 times? or is it more complicated?
Chichi Dog
Chichi Dog:
Robinson needs to show up if the Heat want to succeed against the Raptors or Celtics
KZ Okpala
KZ Okpala:
JJ gotta play for us next year #freejj
B Harper
B Harper:
I agree a little but the heat will not win it all, but they are a great team this year
G Sancho
G Sancho:
Clippers beating the heat in the finals.
Jeremy Chavez Alvarez
Jeremy Chavez Alvarez:
Madison Bounds
Madison Bounds:
anyone know what hat JJ is wearing?
If bosh is steal in miami
Jesse James
Jesse James:
Bosh explained why Durant was wear wires... much better audio quality
jj would be a fit, in heat culture.. wat ya think?