Windows 11 review: Cool new features, still a work in progress

The latest Microsoft OS has some cool new features, but is still a work in progress

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It's also worth mentioning that the taskbar can easily be set to be aligned on the left side, like we are used to
Tim Jaggers
Tim Jaggers:
Windows 10 has gadgets/widgets. In Windows 7, they were grouped together on the right side of the screen while i win 10, each one is separate.

Microsoft did not skip a version number because 10 was so different from 8. They did so to not break applications. Some apps worked differently depending on what Windows version they were running on. To determine this, they used an API that returned the version as a string of text ("Win 8", "Win 7", ""Win 98", "Win 95", etc.). The problem was that some developers were lazy and determined if it was Windows 95 or 98 by checking the text for "Win 9". If Microsoft had gone from Window 8 to Windows 9, those apps would have broken or not have all of the expected functionality. So Microsoft had to skip Windows 9 and go right to Windows 10.
takumi nightcore
takumi nightcore:
I’ve recently installed windows 11 on day one and I haven’t noticed any issues with it with gaming actually it probably runs more better than I did on windows 10 and this is running on a sandy bridge Xeon system that it’s almost hitting 10 years old and I was able to get about 10 and sometimes 20 extra frames out of it even though that I’m an early adopter I like it so far and I’ll be keeping using windows 11 As long as I don’t have any issues with it but I highly doubt I will as of so far
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor:
Been happy with my update on my machines in the home.

As this upgrade is free, I just see it as a OS UI update.
Mr. Horseshoe
Mr. Horseshoe:
I'm still on Windows 3.11. Never felt the need to upgrade.
Jim Brannan
Jim Brannan:
I tried it for a week and was underwhelmed. It was different wallpaper mostly with a few new tricks but mostly it was unwanted operational changes I didn’t want to learn. Cut and paste and the right click menu has been the same for years and I don’t want to change especially with 3 computers to work on. There were a few new tricks that hadn’t quite made it to the finish line like multiple desktops. Dolly, I just switched to Windows 10 last year from Windows 7 and that’s only because someone showed me Classic Shell.
Georgios Papadakis
Georgios Papadakis:
I have been using Windows 11 on both my devices all the preview, what exactly is the work in progress here. It is working with a few minor bugs for me and it is actually quite better to work with than Windows 10.
The Black Christian Geek
The Black Christian Geek:
The Microsoft Teams Chat comment did make me laugh :-) and for that, I say thank you. Great review and after being a Mac user for 20 years, I'm loving Windows 11.
Islam Abdalaziz
Islam Abdalaziz:
I feel that windows 11 is starting to look a little bit like mac os!
*NOTE: Windows 8 was ALMOST a ground-up remake. It still used Control Panel from Windows 7.*
G - Wolf
G - Wolf:
Actually, the gadgets in Win7 died well before support for the OS did. This is not an impressive improvement. All they had to do was build an OS service pack for Win10 to get the same functionality they are selling in Win11. Btw, when a company like Microsoft starts giving away things like upgrades to a new OS then there are definitely going to be problems.
"Your iPhone has widgets, your iPad has widgets" hmm don't think those are the most well known platforms for widgets lol.
Trevor Selby
Trevor Selby:
If you work at an Enterprise company outside of the California tech bubble, you will likely use Teams everyday. (for better or worse)
Saalem Ali
Saalem Ali:
im watching this on windows 11 rn and im loving it! also isnt the full version supposed to come out in october 5?
It’s always darkest before the soul - Mr Dark Soul
It’s always darkest before the soul - Mr Dark Soul:
I downloaded it. My 50 cents is that it feels a bit snappier (likely due to higher ram requirements), and it takes up a bit less storage. Aside from that, imo, it’s all visual fluff. The real reason I downloaded it is for the eventual implementation of direct storage for video games. Direct storage is also coming to windows 10, but MS said it’d be a bit faster on windows 11. That was the only real reason I upgraded.
But you can't ungroup icons, you can't have icon labels, I've never used snap windows or multiple desktops. Yes I would consider myself a "power user". My laptop get a 50-50 split of work and gaming. Only thing that's stopping me now is Lightroom being very difficult to get working on Linux. The rest, Steam with Proton, Discord, Davinci Resolve, web browsers ect all have Linux versions.
Alex  Explorer
Alex Explorer:
It reminds me the launch of Win 8, a new design which not many liked, In 8.1 they came back to the previous look. I'll wait for Service pack 3 :D
First 10 minutes gave me Vista in-place upgrade vibes ... had to spend some time digging up new Intel integrated graphics drivers for UHD620 that support Windows 11 since Explorer was crashing when dragging windows between monitors, widgets would not open, and the new teams app would crash after login. The driver install failed using the install app so I had to do the manual "pick a driver from disk" method to get it to update, but it did fix the issues I was having.

Docker desktop fails to start my local docker instance I use for development.
Bitwarden Windows Hello integration is broken.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez:
I’ve been using windows 11 preview version with no issues whaat so ever.

It definitely feels different and the wallpapers are really nice. Also the scaling is much better something windows always struggled with.
It's making me crazy, I feel like I've seen this man doing video game history videos several years ago. I still remember learning about commodore through those videos...
Tech & Komsan
Tech & Komsan:
It looks so Amazing, I really like OS UI update
Its a little bit buggy with some apps such as the Netflix app where the screen flashes multiple times when you first start a video. Generally, it's fine, I like the friendly look of the file and app symbols but I Much prefer the previous start menu as I enjoyed the easy to find layout of the tiles but now I have to search a list of my programs every time I went to open a program.
Windows 11 OS is good for me so far but the overly strict hardware requirements are awful. Not many people are going to want to replace their 2 year old laptop just to have 11.
Allen Tullett
Allen Tullett:
Multiple windows are really easy in Windows 10, and I know loads of people who use Teams everyday. This guy must be a macOS fan.
Big difference: no more start menu shortcut groups. WHY?!
From the screen you show, is it safe to conclude that the awful Windows 10 home screen clutter is finally gone? I certainly hope so. It caused me to jump ship to Apple after being a Windows kind of guy since the original version was released, after a sad little memorial service for the wonderful Windows 7. I will never go back.
Brian Hartman
Brian Hartman:
I'm in the Windows Insider program, so I have it now. There seem to be a few hiccups here and there (mostly with graphics), but overall, it's not much different from Windows 10. The support for multiple desktops is a welcome addition, but it's a little weird to me that you can't have different wallpaper on different desktops.
Simply Divine
Simply Divine:
Since my desktop PC is eight years old, I'm either going to have someone help bring it up to today's standards or just buy a new desktop. This current one was custom-made for me back in 2013 to be used in my home recording/production studio. Not surprisingly I got the message that this PC can't be updated to Windows 11 (I expected that). 🤷🏼‍♀️
Ninja Nerd Student #69
Ninja Nerd Student #69:
I currently use an older laptop that got upgraded from Windows 7 to 10, and a much more powerful gaming laptop with Windows 10. I will be retiring my older laptop in the next 5 years, so I’ll probably pick up another Dell with Windows 11.
Jason Domican
Jason Domican:
I love the idea of android apps coming to my laptop how exciting!
Владимир Бязров
Владимир Бязров:
I've been using it for three days now. My only complaint is the clock on a taskbar - toooo small. And the sad part is that Microsoft removed bigger clock from Notifications bar. WHY on Earth? I can't see numbers ona tiny clock now. Sucks. And context menu is now too short and to manage files you'll need to do more clocks. That sucks too. But mostly W11 is a beauty. Loving it so far.
Alby Tastic
Alby Tastic:
I've had it on my Z800 for a couple weeks now and I really like it better than Windows 10.
yesihave nonameforu
yesihave nonameforu:
For those of you who are complaining about the hardware requirements:
Please stop.

Currently, there are many ways to download and install windows 11 on unsupported hardware.

Besides, if your already shaming windows 11, keep this in mind. Windows 10 will be available for 5 years, if you don't like windows 11, just stick with windows 10.
When the 5 years pass, your PC will most likely be obsolete, and when Windows 10 is unsupported you would most likely would've switched to a different PC because your not a granny who doesn't know what internet means, you knew about windows 11 5 years ago.

So if your complaining, your just shaming Microsoft for nothing. Grow up.
Shan Lin
Shan Lin:
The actual reason for Microsoft skipping windows 9 is to avoid confusion for some legacy software dealing with windows 9 and windows 98 or 95
Michael Rebar
Michael Rebar:
After bypassing TPM requirement to get RTM Win11 to install over Win10 on Bootcamp then took a chance on a former Hackintosh with 2 core i7 and immediately impressed. So since needing to also run macOS did install Monterey under a VM. Sorta reverse from the Hackintosh but from a usability standpoint have to give this round to Microsoft.
Thankfully I still had one license key from Windows 8 that let me activate Win10 before installing Win11. From formatting the flash drive to running Win11 desktop took 1 hour since needed a short Win10 layover.
I think I’ll keep this machine (Dell Latitude E7440) running Win11 as main OS. All I can say is wow.
Installed Win 11 on my new laptop and am loving it!
Dion Malimbag
Dion Malimbag:
As a Windows Insider I can agree it needs some work. Alot of features are missing from Windows 10. But I never thought of returning to Windows 10 after getting used to the quirks of Windows 11...
Hussein Abdelaziz
Hussein Abdelaziz:
I am in the windows 11 insider preview, so how do I download the full release when it releases? And do I need to install it with the 5gb installation?
Sounds to me like Microsoft just misses all that cash rolling in from Windows 10 purchases, now that everyone who was going to get Windows 10 already has done so, but is also now building themselves new PC desktop systems, since so many of us are stuck at home now... They aren't selling the full, clean-install version of Windows 11 (home or pro), they claimed they were going to have no OS's after Windows 10, and there aren't a lot of non-aesthetic changes to the OS itself. If you want Windows 11 on a new desktop, you have to buy Windows 10 for it, then upgrade it. Calling it "Windows 11" sounds like a sales gimmick to me. It acts more like it's just an update - new skins and all, but that's really about it.
Ninja Nerd Student #69
Ninja Nerd Student #69:
I think the curse of the alternating operating system may be over. Vista was a fail. Windows 8 was a fail. Windows 11 actually shows some promise.
Aashish Bhandari
Aashish Bhandari:
I downloaded the windows 11 from windows insider before the official windows 11 was released. Now the official version is released, do i need to download the official 11? Is the 11 downloaded from windows insider and the official 11 are same? And after downloading the 11 from insider program, i have a few minor wifi issues. My facebook page doesnot load entirely, and wifi also seems to be slow. But my wifi works flawless on other devices. My laptop is Dell inspiron 5402, i511th gen, Iris XE. Help would be highly appreciated.
Logi Master
Logi Master:
I have several desktop at home now that I’m working from home and out of all the systems I have, only 1 is compatible with Windows 11. And I ain’t upgrading that just yet.
Been using the 11 Beta for the past week and have thrown the kitchen sink at it. Works just as well as 10.
Watery Events
Watery Events:
Not easier than switching workspaces in Linux. Ctl and left and right arrow keys.
Exactly when i moved from windows 10 to windows 7 on my laptab my attachable keyboard stopped functioning properly, Microsoft will probably say we don't support your device, really it wasn't that great but the keyboard had two full sized usb which are no longer working, and have to use a dongle to attach a device or a hub, really don't want to buy another bluetooth mouse for the tab, and anyways what would i do with the 5ghz wifi adaptor then.
"Windwos has had multiple desktops before... they were kinda hard to get to" DUDE it was literally 2 clicks
Robin Arora
Robin Arora:
Sadly Windows 11 is an unfinished product released to it’s faithful users …
H P:
WIndows 11 taskbar w/o "never combine" killed productivity. Hard pass for now!
Jonah Hammond
Jonah Hammond:
Last time I was this early, Microsoft said windows 10 would be the last windows version
Windows 11 look's like fusion between Windows 7 + 8 + 10 Combine
So you refer to apple to reference widgets and then you basically said teams is useless... android has had widgets since forever and they do it better than apple and alot of work places use teams
Edward SB
Edward SB:
Opinions ------>>>>>>>
I like this...revision of Windows - its clean beautiful

Task-Bar CENTER aligned - start button in the middle reminds me of the - Finder and AQUA theme of MAC OSX 10.3 - still beatifull
Windows can never be a tablet
Wiktor Tomanek
Wiktor Tomanek:
I thought there is something more, but no win11 is just getting features Gnome or Plasma or something always had and still lacks many many features they already have (like KDE connect) and it has more MS Spam.
Dima R
Dima R:
No thanks. I'll use Windows 10 until 2025. If Windows 12 will not include power users, it will be time to learn Linux. What's great this time is that if you keep the TPM disabled in the BIOS, it will not upgrade to Windows Monstrosity edition against my will. At least one good thing from MS.
Bee Yang
Bee Yang:
my 2nd day on windows 11. so far so good. its actually a bit faster also.
Art Music
Art Music:
Most OS improvements PC/Mac over the past 20 years have been superficial. Moving an icon on the side to the middle is a joke.
OS update’s are hardly worth the hype given Thanks
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates:
Everyone still loves Win XP
Keelo Raz
Keelo Raz:
My only question is that, although Microsoft says my laptop compatible, will it slow down my computer and make it less snappy ?
Rene Hinojosa
Rene Hinojosa:
When Windows 11 decides it wants to be more like Linux! The functionality of it seems to be very Linux-like to me. Linux had those windows shifting panels for years, and that cheeky animated taskbar that was a turnoff for me back in the day too. Nothing new here, it's just an older pseudo, Linux OS try-to-be.
Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows.

Until Windows 11.
Looks fantastic with TaskbarX for a transparent Taskbar and Deviant Art/Rainmeter skins add-ons like clock and sound visualizer.
Mohammed Bettar
Mohammed Bettar:
I have a question, after I downloaded the new Pc health check app and got all the green dots with the message saying that my pc meets the system requirements and that windows 11 is free my question is how it's going to happen? Is it like the monthly cumulative update or is it through the Microsoft store?
I used windows 7, then windows 10, and will upgrade when windows 12 comes out
Don't know about Microsoft anymore, I own a computer for the fun fact that it runs like a independent in-depth complex library (my world) that I can control to my own needs, not some simple widget apple-esque user serving pocket notebook.
Pieceof Shitzu
Pieceof Shitzu:
Besides the cool monitor feature- I'm not gonna upgrade until easily next year
the your phone app for samsung is super easy to use, its one of my fave things.
Raúl Villanueva
Raúl Villanueva:
I don't really see any real difference that is not a gimmick...

btw, the multiple desktops on Windows 10 work exactly how he described it does on Windows 11 as a novelty. Even the button is there by default (task view!). And if you have a powerful and up-to-date trackpad (or simply use windows key+ctrl+arrows), you can very efficiently move between your desktops... so again, nothing new here...
Alec Schulz
Alec Schulz:
wow they really apple-ified windows... multiple desktops, multi tasking, widgets.... looks a lot like OSX, but thats not a bad thing!
No, it's all a scam. They upgrade the operating system so their old computer can not be updated therefore they have to replace their computers. It's an annuity for the computer companies.
Rodrigo del Cid
Rodrigo del Cid:
I already rushed and thankfully I haven't encountered any disastrous bugs
Zenas D'Souza
Zenas D'Souza:
The desktops were easy to find before as well...
Taku Samuel
Taku Samuel:
I hope it's now possible to end automatic windows updates
I'll wait for my IT department to upgrade me automatically.
About teams, I’d get used to it because I work with a bunch of Fortune 500 companies and everyone is switching over to this for chat and document repos. Sorry man. But teams is pretty great actually.
James Elliot aka The Beagle
James Elliot aka The Beagle:
I've had it over 30 days now on my gamer with not one single issue or glitch.
Rahul kumar
Rahul kumar:
6:18 Here in India most of the companies tells you to use Microsoft teams only..
Ajinkya Bhede
Ajinkya Bhede:
I kinda loved windows 8/8.1 :D
Jason Messinger
Jason Messinger:
Microsoft skipped Windows 9 because it conflicted with certain compatibility code that was looking for Windows 9[x] I.e. windows 95 and Windows 98
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith:
The Your Phone for Samsung phones is super easy to use. Once you set it up... it's just s easy as turning on the devices
Robby Cahyadi
Robby Cahyadi:
I’m waiting for my 7th gen laptop to be eligible to do the update.
I love it 😎
Kevin N
Kevin N:
Alot of companies use teams now for work so I suspect this is really more for companies than for regular users. We use teams quite extensively for work( chat , file management etc) so I'm exited about that since it will be easier to use but could care less for my own personal computer
First Last
First Last:
NOT recommended !
Microsoft's new model forces OS incompatibility with PCs more than 3 years old.
So unless you want to purchase a new laptop every 3 years this upgrade is a bad choice.
However, if enough people do NOT upgrade, it will force developers to continue supporting Windows 10. Hence, your browser will work even after Microsoft has abandoned Windows 10.
Chatter Jack🙊👮
Chatter Jack🙊👮:
"New desktops are hard to get to"

Windows key + tab...
Moved over to MacOS only have my HP left just waiting for the new MacBook Pro coming out this month.
Teams is Microsoft’s version of Skype…wait
joseph frechette
joseph frechette:
If it dosent currently support android apps then they need to stop advertising it as a feature. It's like me saying Microsoft should give me a free surface tablet because I plan on paying for it.
Lemon King
Lemon King:
QUESTION: Does downloading this new OS windows 11 make my computer slower or faster
Ninja Nerd Student #69
Ninja Nerd Student #69:
The number of Android app downloads will increase. Seeing how Steve Jobs wanted to kill off Android, this will be good addition.
The new update screwed my Taskbar and laptop lost all my assignments thanks windows
Installed it, I can't say I like it
I already upgraded and it feels snappy. I do miss the dragging stuff to the taskbar thought.
Ninja Nerd Student #69
Ninja Nerd Student #69:
My Windows task bar is always on top.
Cesare Vesdani
Cesare Vesdani:
What features of Windows 11 are a work in progress?
Great video!
D Gamer Baiscope 🎬
D Gamer Baiscope 🎬:
Can we downgrade offline to 10 after the installation of 11...? 🤔
Andrés González
Andrés González:
As an OS review this video sucks, but it gives great advice and historical context. Thanks!
MoniCast A New Way of Podcast
MoniCast A New Way of Podcast:
windows + android, FINALLY!
This guy is the first to post about the new windows 11!