With Kane injured we needed Gareth Bale’s quality | Tottenham 2-1 Southampton | Ryan Mason

00:10 Second half was outstanding, great win ​
1:50 We didn’t see the fans protest I can’t comment on that
2:20 on Harry Kane injury? Hopefully we can be available for the weekend
3:10 I'm very proud of the group ahead of the Cup Final
3:45 I cannot comment about the ESL, I was focus on this game

4:30 Bale is an outstanding player

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91 comentarios:

A winning start for Ryan Mason after replacing Jose Mourinho. Can Spurs go on now and win the Carabao Cup on Sunday ? 🏆
Even if he's not manager next season, he should 100% be working as an assistant coach for the club to build up more experience
Radostin Angelov
Radostin Angelov:
I believe in Mason, seems like he loves the players and encourages them a lot. A real coach 🙌🏻. And thank you Jose for everything
Priyansh Rao
Priyansh Rao:
So much positivity
I love this guy
Bale again 😉😁
Priyansh Rao
Priyansh Rao:
I want him permanent manager just because of the attitude
Ryan handles the media really well. I'm impressed.
Sam Gardiner
Sam Gardiner:
They should stop asking him about the ESL ffs 😭 but what a guy 👏
Abdullah Masum
Abdullah Masum:
Absolutely buzzing with the win tonight I have never been through so many emotions in only 90 minutes
Danny Ings coming off killed Southampton, it turned into a one-sided training match afterwards. Really underrated player.
apprentice of poch!! good job ryan!!
Ahmad Sbaei
Ahmad Sbaei:
Congratulations to Rayan mason
Looking forward to Sunday 💪🏻!
JM10 Bland
JM10 Bland:
Well done to mason and bale congratulations on your first win
Muhammad Naveed
Muhammad Naveed:
Hope he does well. Seems like such a nice guy.. Hope he wins the cup on Sunday
Guido de Kort
Guido de Kort:
I'd want him to win that cup even only to see the absolute scenes if that were to happen. Imagine that for a minute.
mohamed nazli
mohamed nazli:
I really want him to do well after having to cut short his playing career. Positive attitude is what the squad need at the moment and Ryan has brought that. All the best Ryan!
David Savage
David Savage:
Clicked fast on this one
Inotnersh 1710
Inotnersh 1710:
This has to be a golden moment for him, sadly I don't believe we will win the final but top 5 atleast still is possible in my eyes if West ham lose
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo:
Well done Ryan son! 3 points to The Lane! 👍🙌
Ishfaq Hyder
Ishfaq Hyder:
We gained control of the match only when they stopped pressing. In the first half we had no answer to their pressing with many sloppy passes
Danish Mapper
Danish Mapper:
Fair play to hayters for responding to every comment 🤝
Anthony Foster
Anthony Foster:
That second question sounded like it came from Jamie Carragher on helium.
Keeps it simple and positive, well done Ryan Mason 🤍
Unidentified - Whistleblower
Unidentified - Whistleblower:
We needed that is believe and confidence to attack. Cup final here we come. Imagine the love story boy good Tottenham boy and comes back and wins the cup and get top 4. Absolutely amazing
Burung bakalan
Burung bakalan:
2:31 P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💯

𝘾𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚⏩ hotgirls.to ⏪

!♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, 1619203648
Mason is very good person and good specialist. (Arsenal fan)
VJ Gonsalves
VJ Gonsalves:
Hayters thank you for the videos like always!!!! Keep it going !
Very happy with that win!!! Rocky 1st half but very refreshing 2nd half to watch
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK:
Spurs ending with trophy when year ends with 1 is the reason they will win carbao cup, but actually they are living in honeymoon period
Keshav Yawale
Keshav Yawale:
In first half Tottenham Hotspur moved the ball slowly and that's why Southampton players were able to press as a team and they won most of ground duels , however in second half we moved the ball lot quicker because of that we created space upfront.
claudius iam
claudius iam:
Great to see us play football again 2nd half we played with swagger and style, that's our way... Mourinho killed us, we're back, we do our best now.
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
First game, First impressions
Hes still young, gotta take the Experience starting off with Tottenham Oh 👊🙌👏
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony:
Well said! ✔
David Baber
David Baber:
Well done Ryan ....🐓
Josh J
Josh J:
@HaytersTV r u still upset with Jose sacked and r u confident with mason
Here we go, new coach, players giving their %100. Let's see for how long it will last. All the clubs should come up with a plan to reduce salary of players who don't give their all when selected, so they can also be accountable for the team bad performances.
J Goldie
J Goldie:
A Ryan Mason masterclass 😎
Warrior J93
Warrior J93:
Second half was great and fantastic
But I admire for Southampton to put up a hard game in the first half
Southampton played some great football as well in first half
But thank god we won
Now..... it’s pep...... next
Patrick O'Riordan
Patrick O'Riordan:
Local lad, love it if he’s a success, great romantic story if he could win on Sunday
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner:
ryan mason seems positive. We looked alot better 2nd half. Bale looked good today as well. Jose gone and probably won't be missed.
jack l Angus
jack l Angus:
This Team needs/MUST be ready to fire on all cylinders from kick off and full focus throughout , they do not feel the intensity with no fans however we are watching you and fans deserve and Club needs the player's fully full bore to win especially at a time very much in need.
Happy with the win but don’t want this to turn into him getting signed fully and becoming a trust the process
jase h
jase h:
At 1-1 jose woulda brought sissoko on.at least Ryan went for it.
Yunus Muheeth
Yunus Muheeth:
When is mikel arteta’s interview
Nathan Hawkins
Nathan Hawkins:
Respect to him, faced the media well
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo:
Trust in Ryan Mason 👍😇
Dele needs to get back on the squad.
lenibeth nolasco
lenibeth nolasco:
Love Bale❤️
He is good!
Why you just see him when Kane not around?
I’m not against with Kane
Holy Guacamole, Ryan Mason is Ole 2.0?
Akash Grewal
Akash Grewal:
i hope we push youth asap
Muhammad Naveed
Muhammad Naveed:
Hope kane plays In place fo lucus, with bale and son.. I think they have a chance on sunday.
Ross Drummond
Ross Drummond:
Ryan 'ENERGY' Mason COYS!!!
Ryan bosses questions like he has done it for years
J Cronin
J Cronin:
Sounds like he said fuck all at half time and the win was a pure fluke.....😃
Roy Ferguson
Roy Ferguson:
He cant have an opinion against Levy
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
Looks like a manager now
Păpuşoi Dan
Păpuşoi Dan:
Jose Mourinho!!!!❤
Akash Grewal
Akash Grewal:
next manager in should keep maosn in first team as assistant coach
D H:
Pleased for Mason
But still think they need a manger that suits there style. Nags man or Taag Hog even Eddie Howe . It's to soon for Mason like it was for Lamp's .
youngest manager
Smartie Cooper
Smartie Cooper:
Hope he has success. Maybe he can change the lack of belief he talks about, the last two managers got paid mega bucks & failed.
Adesh adeshkey
Adesh adeshkey:
Good man Ryan mason
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo:
At least we don't need an interpreter 😀
Rob Harwood-Stamper
Rob Harwood-Stamper:
do these journo's live under rocks? Kane is day by day, esl he's had his handful becoming manager with 2 games including a lcf... Why do these journo's keep asking the same shit questions.. What on earth do they expect him to say?? 27k for a degree to learn to ask questions like that.... 👏👏👏👏👏
CEO Amaru
CEO Amaru:
First time Spurs won after going behind? Normally it's the opposite 🤭
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon:
I wish this dude well. But you can see he’s going to get ripped apart by the lazy players and subsequently journalists...
Arsenal built a stadium, spurs had to build a bigger one.
Arsenal got a young coach, spurs had to get a younger one.
Marc Jones
Marc Jones:
Kamal Rizk
Kamal Rizk:
He deserves to be manger he has a very good mentality better than mourinho
The One Above All
The One Above All:
Good guy but on the wrong side of London 😊
S B:
Little boy running a team of men
Sweeny Todd70
Sweeny Todd70:
Ihsan 21
Ihsan 21:
CEO Amaru
CEO Amaru:
Spurs won despite going a goal down. Ryan Mason is interim manager and only 29, having force to retire at the age of 26 following a head injury. Who said head injuries are bad🤣🤣🤣🤣
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
What a late win penalty 2-1
Ethan Israeli
Ethan Israeli:
After that second half i actually would not mind if we give Ryan the Job, and if he wins the Cup...he could be the future
Busy days in N17, they did Jose dirty, the protest against ESL BS and Levy. Good win today, happy for Ryan and co. Coys.
graham moulds
graham moulds:
How will improve defence in Manchester City match else they will lose because off quality Manchester City have got
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri:
Love Ryan Mason so bad but next season naglesmann to get the best out of the team
Plus One
Plus One:
Southampton played some horrible football in the 2nd half. Any one could beat them with the two goals they gifted Tottenham
Rean Kit រៀនគិត
Rean Kit រៀនគិត:
With the way spurs played in first haft City will smash them in the final.
dave c
dave c:
Love mourinho but ultimately his style of football doesn't fit spurs'
Afshin Shareghi
Afshin Shareghi:
You won coz Ings got injured. Until then bang average
CEO Amaru
CEO Amaru:
Mourinho must be gutted Spurs won. Deplorable human being.
Kush Karma
Kush Karma:
I like the dude
What a breath of fresh air, at last we have a manager who speaks English like a native! Although I loved the kind of football that Poch inspired the players to play, I did not enjoy his interviews to the media. Mourinho was just a waste of space - happy to see him go.
Ill Saliva
Ill Saliva:
If you want him as your permanent manager then your aspirations are low and a weaker squad than anybody thought. He’s been put there to be a puppet until the end of the season surely you’re not that thick
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt:
Not trying to junx it, but when managers start giving props to opposite teams, they place themselves on the losing side for the future games instantly.
This guy wont last long as spurs manager.
Zarak James
Zarak James:
Awful performance. Jose was 100% correct, the quality in CB/CM ugly..
Bond JamesBond
Bond JamesBond:
He hold his ear just before answering questions about esl. Clear sign that he is lying that he had no clue before the game. He avoided very nicely.
As long levy is the chairman, spurs will not win any cup..
Levy out
Enic out
As a Chelsea fan just know that this honey moon period won't last long.
After seeing how Frank Lampard panned out, don't get your hopes up with Ryan.

Sooner or later he will be found out to be tactically inept. And so far out of his depth.