Woody Allen disiente del cine actual

Woody Allen lamenta que la voracidad de la industria por hacer blockbusters afecte la producción de cine de autor.

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20 comentarios:

Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros:
¡Muchísimas gracias por esta maravillosa entrevista! Woody es el mejor. #WeLoveWoody
Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert:
Woody had a hell of a ride -- he was successful right from the start of his career - he never struggled until his son Dylan Farrow polished him off - but until that he was untouchable - now his legacy is in the toilet - he would have lived to a 100 - but with the stress and being ostracized in the media and by the cancel culture lynch mob he probably won't last another few years tops -- I still like him and enjoyed his films - he was accused but never convicted -
So good to see Woody Allen in public.
Couldnt agree more.
Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros:
We love you, Woody! You're the best! Your movies make life better. Please, keep creating! 👏👏👏❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Marco Parraga
Marco Parraga:
Amo a este tipo, el gran woody allen me lleno la vida de felicidad, con sus hermosas peliculas.
Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith:
God Bless Woody Allen
Ladan Weheliye
Ladan Weheliye:
Honestly, I love going to the cinema, and the entire building smells of popcorn, it's cozy. But a netflix subscription is less than 10 dollars in Sweden whereas a movie ticket is almost 20 dollars. Perhaps it's not even the expensive movie tickets, if the demand increases the movie tickets would become cheaper. It's is as he says lazy urban lifestyle of urban eats, foodora apps, and people don't date the romantic way anymore, it's snapchat era. They keep joking on tiktok "My generation is going downhill".. This is one of it. Bring romantic cinema dates back, and just snapchat after the movie. Come on now :'(
Marco Aslan
Marco Aslan:
We have lost the regional folklore. When everything gets globalized everything gets dumbed down.
Carmen Davila
Carmen Davila:
Woody Allen otro &$#@) mundo
Is this interview really from January 2022? Or is it from late in 2020 around when RIfkin's Festival came out..?
steve conn
steve conn:
So much generic crap in theaters. I miss the genius of Woody up there.
Patrick Cunningham
Patrick Cunningham:
I like the comic book films, but not like the character pieces
Pertúrpure Talento
Pertúrpure Talento:
Sign of time unfortunately
Manuel Blejerman
Manuel Blejerman:
Min 3:16 Frederick Leister??? o Fred Astaire?
Who is he talking about towards the end?
David Escalón Sánchez
David Escalón Sánchez:
Como cuando no te quieres adaptar a los cambios generacionales y crees que tus tiempos son mejores
Emilio Manuel De Pedro
Emilio Manuel De Pedro:
Honestamente, no me cae bien. Pero no por lo de Dylan Farrow, pues según mi viejo, cada día es más probable que todo haya sido uns mentira de Mis Farrow. La razón por la que Allen me cae mal es por lo de Soon-Yi Previn.
Luis ROG
Luis ROG:
Woody machista y misogino. Gracias a Dios ya va para fuera el.