World No 1 Ash Barty announces shock retirement from tennis in Instagram post

World No 1 tennis player Ash Barty has stunned the tennis world by announcing her retirement from the sport at the age of 25. She made the announcement during an emotional interview with fellow Australian tennis player Casey Dellacqua, which she shared on Instagram. 'I’m so grateful to everything tennis has given me. It’s given me all of my dreams plus more', Barty said. 'But I know that the time is right for me to step away and chase other dreams and to put the racquets down'

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World No 1 Ash Barty announces shock retirement from tennis at 25 ►
Ash Barty on why she’ll ‘never stop loving tennis’ and why she had to retire ►

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100+ comentarios:

Spike R.C
Spike R.C:
"There's No RIGHT or WRONG way, it's Just MY WAY" That's deep and I love that, if she feels happy retiring now, we should all respect that !
Ian Szymczak
Ian Szymczak:
I think its so hard for people to understand something like this, myself included, because it goes against everything we are taught is important. Winning everything, longevity, earnings. But what an amazing example she is of showing us that there is more to life than just your job. And that you should do exactly what you think will make you happy.. This is really powerful.
Willie Lee Jones Jr
Willie Lee Jones Jr:
I’m in shock. My favorite player on the WTA Tour. A Class Act and wonderful champion! Thanks for sharing your talent to the world! Congrats and enjoy the rest of your journey in life. I’m gonna miss her on the court!
James Calloway
James Calloway:
Let’s not forget this lady has been hammering away since she was the age of like 5. She’s lived a pro lifestyle for 2 decades. 25 seems young to us but for her it’s been so long in that cycle. Really provides perspective of the men and and women who are still grinding i.e. Rafa , Serena. Congrats Ash, you are loved and appreciated. We’re lucky to have been around to see you play.
Ruel's Diary
Ruel's Diary:
One of the most down to earth player ever with 0% of drama on and off the court.
Krajangwit Johjit
Krajangwit Johjit:
Ash is now playing better than ever. Hearing her say "I am spent" is really powerful. I wish her all the best things in the world. I am going to surely miss those crazy backhand slides and beautifully curbing forehands for a long longggg time.
What a mature 25-year-old! It takes a lot of guts to decide to step off the treadmill, especially when you're young and at the peak of your game. Wishing her all the best.
M. W.
M. W.:
I love how Ash Barty always does things on HER terms in relations to the sport of women's tennis. You did the sport proud, Ash!! BEST WISHES 🏆🏆🏆🎾
Tyrone-Ty Davis
Tyrone-Ty Davis:
Besides being a great player, she will be remembered for her humility and class. Best of luck.
This is by far the most shocking retirement since I started following tennis in 2000. To me at least. As a fan I was hoping for a close Barty-Swiatek rivalry for the years to come. In the current state of WTA it’s a huge loss.
Brian Y
Brian Y:
I am absolutely stunned by this. Wow. I will remember Ash as being synonymous with the word "class". An amazing athlete, competitor and true sports person that few can match. Enjoy the rest of your life girl, you deserve the best!
Walking away from tennis in her prime and choosing her dreams and what’s right for her, Ash Barty continues to inspire. Wishing her much joy and satisfaction in the exciting journeys ahead. 💓💗💖
20 years of dedication to her sport and growing into such an amazing and accomplished woman. It was never about her ego and this proves it beyond doubt. I’m immensely impressed by Ash. Can’t wait to see what’s next…..
Terence Wong
Terence Wong:
It takes so much courage to retire when you’re still at the top. All the best to her.
Rick Moi
Rick Moi:
Congrats on your engagement, Ash!
After travelling 35 yrs on biz globally, I take your words as advice. "I'm spent", too, "don't have it in me any more". I feel it is time for so many of us tennis fans to start chasing out dreams, too. Still keeping tennis a huge part of our lives, still. Thank you Ash!
Asif Khan
Asif Khan:
My absolute favorite on tour . I hadn't seen such consistency from any other player since Serena back in 16'. I would have loved to see more of her on court and winning more slams.
Ashiq B
Ashiq B:
A loss for tennis but one must do what feels right. A great champion and a treat on the court.
Wow. Highly articulate. And so much work behind the scenes that she hinted at, which I think if people REALLY understood, they would appreciate her even more!
All the best Ash, I'm sure whatever you do you'll do incredibly well at. I'm only slightly saddened due to selfish reasons on my behalf; my daughter would have loved to play you in a formal match.
zita nawn
zita nawn:
"Ash does it her way!" Lump in the throat watch of this incredibly sincere and humble tennis champ! Wishing her all the best for her future years after two decades gripping her tennis racket and enthralling tennis fans and enthusiasts! .
JW enang
JW enang:
incredible! very few athletes retire at their make this decision shows how unselfish she is and how content she is as a person! something we all strive for in our lives!
Dana Z.
Dana Z.:
A great champion, a great person. ❤️
José Morgado
José Morgado:
Humble, intelligent, warm, ¿what else can we expect from a human being?
S F:
The best representation on any stage Australia has had. Thanks Ash your a great Australian.👍❤🇦🇺
Leon Jacobs
Leon Jacobs:
Beautiful to see this, humility.
Crying with a purpose... Never followed her career at all however heard and read great things and respect this athlete that dominated tennis even for a short while. This will b remembered
Poulomi Sen
Poulomi Sen:
Respect to her!! It's hard to hold back the tears but happiness is what needs to be prioritised. Am so much happy for her! May she fulfills all her other dreams!! Love you Ash!! Forever!!
Hiroki Mori
Hiroki Mori:
Not forced by chronical injuries for instance, most often the case, but herself made such a decision. She's singular till the end. For us it's time to say thank you & to wish the best for her!
Ahmad Hussain Webshare
Ahmad Hussain Webshare:
She was so humble and so lovely 😍. It's really hard to believe she is retired.
Jodie Faulder
Jodie Faulder:
Ash you are an inspiration. I admire your constraint, maturity, humblenss and hard work that you illustrate. Numerous quarantines and isolation over the past two year must have been so hard for you, but you fought and succeeded. I know you will continue to inspire people. Congratulations and well done!
Dee Pee
Dee Pee:
Respect! That's what this great player deserves.
Will miss her
Reginald Garcia
Reginald Garcia:
Omg 😳 we'll gonna miss her playing in the court specially playing in grand slam tournaments. Great respect on her decision .Best wishes for this great athlete .
Justin Chan
Justin Chan:
Ash living life to the fullest, has created a legacy before hitting 30. Absolute legend
Carter Hayes
Carter Hayes:
Thank you ash for an incredible career, it was a pleasure watching you play, best of luck in your future endeavors, big congrats on leaving on your terms
Allan Dacruz
Allan Dacruz:
Bravo, very well done, huge love and respect to you Ash Barty. You're a brilliant and positive ambassador to tennis and humanity. Best wishes with all of our endeavours.
Tony Saunders
Tony Saunders:
Ash Barty, what a brilliant talent, and truly a class act! You will be sorely missed! The best to you in your next chapter ❤️
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts:
She’s a smart cookie and a great athlete. Something tells me we’re going to see an Australian female golf great in the near future
Victor Mendivil
Victor Mendivil:
100% Class ! Both on court and off ! Will miss Her for sure, her talent and her way of doing things ! All the best to Her in whatever She decides to do ! 🎾
Ariel Yaari
Ariel Yaari:
Ash, you deserve whatever YOU know is the best decision for you!
I appreciate the moments you were in this beautiful and exciting sport, and you did it professionally. Thank you Ashleigh ♥️
Sebastien P. Boret
Sebastien P. Boret:
How many people work so hard to get themselves on the spot somewhere…when we get there having given it all…we start looking around thinking “I would like to do something else now”…but by the time we reach that spot we are too involved in our careers, our lives, our loans to take a chance…well done Miss Barty, what an inspiration!
It was always pleasure to watch her play (especially that biting backhand slice!) I also loved her humble attitude even on the top of the world. already miss you!
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson:
Ash, always being your own person you know you best and we just respect you for that, right. You are legend, glad I got to watch such an amazing person both on and off the court.
Wow ! I am in shock. At the pinnacle of her career as well. She’s currently the best player on tour. I really respect her. I still don’t believe she’s only 25.

On the other hand, can someone check on Naomi Osaka? I feel like she might be next.
Janet Pike
Janet Pike:
An amazing women. I wish her all the best. You will be missed.
super sonic
super sonic:
We wish you all the best Ash, thanks for the wonderful years. In my book, you are the GOAT!
Viviana Ferrari Yoga
Viviana Ferrari Yoga:
We are going to miss you so much on the court. You deserve everything dear Ash
I am extremely saddened by this news. She is one and perhaps the only player who managed to stay normal and grounded despite achieving a tremendous professional success. I’ll sorely miss her tennis, and even more so her personality. I wish her all the best in the next chapter of her life. Hopefully, she will stay involved with tennis in some form.
Flyguy Inbluesky
Flyguy Inbluesky:
It was so easy to root for a class act like Ash. Nothing but respect and love. You are going to be so missed . Best of the best Ash.
Her heart is leading her to a different stage in life. Ash you were and still are a breath of fresh air on the women's tour. Best of luck to whatever you seek next.
cornelia datcu
cornelia datcu:
She’s so wonderful so no words to describe really! Ashley I will definitely miss you! I couldn’t wait for you to play tennis. You’re my favourite player. And now you’re so emotional telling us you’re retiring, best wishes for your new chapter in your life! Casey so nice to see you !
André Rodrigues
André Rodrigues:
it takes so much courage. I'm heartbreak but I'm happy she's happy with her decision.
Well done, Ash; a very brave and mature decision. Thank you for all your wonderful matches. We wish you every happiness in the future.
Everad Pinnock
Everad Pinnock:
She had a great wonderful career I wish her the best ❤️
The hole this girl leaves in so many tennis lovers' hearts will be hard to fill. Best of luck, Ash!
Andrew Grant-Thomas
Andrew Grant-Thomas:
so, So, SO much respect for Ash Barty. What a remarkable, admirable human being. Look forward to hearing what comes next for her. I wish her ALL the best.
Doctor Garbonzo
Doctor Garbonzo:
Aghh! Gonna miss her! She's going out on top & on her Terms! This has gotta to be One of the hardest & emotionally heart felt feelings that we all have to face in our life! When to retire or resign! The Legendary Bjorn Borg stepped away & retired at 25 as well! Continued success & all the best AB,
Random fact: Venus Williams turned pro before Ashleigh Barty was even born, and she is still playing today.
Krzysztof Pilarski
Krzysztof Pilarski:
It's a pity that we won't see Ashley in action again, especially with Iga. Great career, best wishes.
Val R
Val R:
Total class every time she played,I wish you a long healthy,happy life .Canadian girl here who loves watching the sport thanks you for the entertainment ❤️🍁
Wow. What a shocker. In her prime and walking away. Such a positive and classy individual. I will miss watching her play. Best wishes Ash
Yash Kshirsagar
Yash Kshirsagar:
I'd imagine the AO win made this decision easier for her. She will be missed!
With all due respect to the incredible player and person Barty is, stopping at the age of 25 in great health to pursue another sport is not retiring, but rather quitting.
Beulah Richard
Beulah Richard:
I am shocked, but that's amazing. There is more to life than just fighting to stay at the top. Great Respect
Seb Law
Seb Law:
what a great athlete. what an ever greater human being. thx ash! ♥️
You have always been a class act both on and off the court and I wish you all the very best in the next chapter(s) of your life. Take care.
Xavier Fernandes
Xavier Fernandes:
The COURT her canvas, the RACQUET her brush and the YELLOW BALLS her paint and what ARTISTRY what colours she could paint. What an artist. What a PLAYER. True LEGEND. You will be missed much ASH.
Ash, I wish you well in your next endeavors. You've been an amazing tennis player to watch. This reminds me of the end of a certain movie trilogy, where the hero at the end gets to just live his life with the woman he loves (Bruce Wayne). Cheers!
Dr.Shashidhar B.K
Dr.Shashidhar B.K:
There's no Right Way, there's No Wrong way-Its My Way..Inspirational lady 🙏
Congratulations Ash! You will always be a champion !
tom rojas
tom rojas:
Great athlete and person…
Will thoroughly miss her on court presence.
Julio McDermott
Julio McDermott:
A true champion. Always.
Sofa Kulit
Sofa Kulit:
I have so much respect for her....wish u all the best in your next chapter ash.
What a legend!
She looks so happy 😀 congratulations on a great career what a first class lady
Ryan Fuimaono
Ryan Fuimaono:
getting to a place where you understand your happiness is not connected to outcome is such a blessing. super impressed with this decision. much respect
Frances Gray
Frances Gray:
You really are an Australian Icon and true to yourself. You have been an absolute joy to watch. Wishing you all the best in your new ventures Ash. As Elvis says "follow your dreams". So proud you are Australian.☺️🎾🎾👏👏👏
Joseph Manno
Joseph Manno:
Hey ... she gave nearly four-fifths of her life to tennis. She owes us nothing, and owes herself the pursuit of happiness. I wish her well.
Dorothy Gale
Dorothy Gale:
Ash - You don’t owe anybody an explanation about anything you want to do or don’t do. Follow your heart always and don’t look back because you have so much happiness to look forward to. Thank You for everything you have given and all that is still to come in all future endeavors.
Lolo Ledo
Lolo Ledo:
She could easily be one of the greatest.such a humble true champion
ED Justice
ED Justice:
Thank you AB for everything you have done already. Congrats and hope to see you or not in your next chapter whatever that may be. Enjoy!!
Jake Ramzy
Jake Ramzy:
Finishing on top. A luxury only legends have. Great career Ash, well done.
Dan Lum
Dan Lum:
She's so adorable, in an intellectual way. She's very sure of her decisions, and that's very cool. Best wishes Ash.
Kahlique Hall
Kahlique Hall:
Ash... so happy for you.. we will miss your awesome athleticism and personality... You've contributed to this sport immensely & wish will you well in all you endeavor!!!! Best to you Ash!!!!!
Wow, Ash, what a level-headed and courageous woman you are. You speak with a maturity way beyond your years. You have already learned you are not defined by your job. You deserve the peace you seek.
Wishing her nothing but the best in her future! I will miss watching her versatile game.
Alex W.
Alex W.:
One of my favourite players :) I hope she will have a great life!
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Very matured person! Well done Ash, we will miss you but enjoy other goals of your life! Respect! :-)
Jim W.
Jim W.:
Tremendous respect for this young woman.
She is indeed an inspiration.
Ash, wishing for you the best of everything.
You did it your way!
Ally Lin
Ally Lin:
Ash, defining success on her own terms. Wishing her all the best in her next chapter !
Totten Hum
Totten Hum:
Might pursue golf career. Such a brave and most respected athlete. Never chased for fame and adulation. Best WTA and athelete in my books.
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan:
Man… what a ballsy move, respect to the champion.
To retire after having world best form is unheard of for most at the young age of 25.
Noooo!!! Gonna miss this girl so much! :( Best of luck to her in her future adventures.
David Murray
David Murray:
Will miss some Aussie announcers saying Ish Baddy.
But seriously, a great champion, a truly nice and likeable person from all I've heard and she's obviously channeled her stress levels in a sport that demands much of its highest level players, very well. Best of luck in all future endeavors, Ash.
Her demeanor and integrity as a top tennis player has been why Ash Barty has been my favorite women's player for a long time. So much respect for her!
La Veda Davis
La Veda Davis:
Class act!! She should give classes on what really matters, instead of chasing 'titles. Wishing the best to her!! Blessings continued and thanks for your time on the tennis court.
I feel so much for Casey. She knew what Ash was going to say and she knew she couldn’t talk her out of it. The best thing was when she just accepted it as the right decision for Ash. What a lovely friend and amazing human
She has always come off as so polite, so humble, so respectful and kind during her career. She'll be missed
Happy retirement Ash! Go chase those young dreams on your terms!
wishing you nothing but the best ash thanks for the memories ❤
Very commendable that she has the courage to step away from the sport while she is so young and in he prime, not to mention while she is still no.1 in the world and holding 2 slams. She has had a great career, and I wish her all the best.

That said, this just goes to show that tennis is the toughest sport in the world. There is so much pressure at the top, where you have to give absolutely everything of yourself to training, physical and mental preparation, all in the hope of making slight improvements in order to stay a step ahead of the field. Not to mention the travelling, playing matches everyday (for 2 whole weeks at the slams) and staying motivated the whole time. The fact that the best player in the world has had to step away and can no longer bring herself to keep going just shows how insane tennis is.
renaud li
renaud li:
Barty is a great athlete and human being. Love her.
One of the best tennis players ever
Chris Nagle
Chris Nagle:
Gonna miss this girl!! All the very best beautiful... hope we get to see and hear from you again! All the very best on your life journey. Take care Ash, from a fan here in the UK.