Xbox Series S: Everything to know about the $300 next gen console

Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S. It's a little sister to the Xbox Series X, and it's the smallest Xbox ever made. It's also the cheapest launch console Microsoft has ever sold, clocking in at just $299. See you on November 10 for launch day?

Xbox Series S world premiere trailer:

Brad Sams' Xbox Series S leak:

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UPDATE: Microsoft has officially announced the price of the Xbox Series X will be $499. As of posting this, they have also confirmed that the monthly All Access prices will be $25 per month for Xbox Series S and $35 a month for Xbox Series X.

CORRECTION: The Captain America clip at 2:08 was incorrectly labeled as "Civil War (2016)" when it's from "The Winter Soldier (2014)."

This video has also been edited to remove a line mentioning an additional cost for Xbox Game Pass w/ All Access. At the time of recording this video, the monthly pricing structure had not been confirmed by Microsoft.
Petunai Sensi
Petunai Sensi:
You will find out the ps5 price when the cashier scans it.
Hitokiri Battousai
Hitokiri Battousai:
And this is only $300?! Wow, that's completely unexpected. MS seriously won over an awful lot of cheap parents & casuals. That's an insane price tag.
Gamepass is included with Xbox all access. I'd expect CNET to do a little more research
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh:
This is honestly the first time I am thinking of getting an Xbox ever!
Nicholas Kaiser
Nicholas Kaiser:
The $25/month and $35/month prices include GamePass. There is no $40 or $50/month.
I feel like I just got shouted at for 5 minutes
Jin Wu
Jin Wu:
Microsoft couldn't time it better, I need a new electric stove and this thing is as good as it gets 😍
Philippe Guérin
Philippe Guérin:
The 25$ and the 35$ includes an Xbox GAmes Ultimate Subscription... btw.
DJ FX Kenya
DJ FX Kenya:
Xbox just need to deliver great games now
Ape2020 xxx
Ape2020 xxx:
Actually Xbox All Access includes Ultimate Game Pass for that installment plan monthly price.
C C:
Competition is a beautiful thing. Consumers win.
Cool Down
Cool Down:
I love how you can see her circular led light reflection on her eyes - Raaaaaay Tracing Confirmed!
Tango Cash
Tango Cash:
I am an xbox user for while and simply this is a great move made by MS to keep existing customers. For me XBOX is not just a console it has been the center of my entertainment. I do not use smart options on my smart TV. I do not play games as I used to but my son do and all games I have bought would be there at day one. That is important for me. Someone compared this version of Xbox with mid-range phones. I would ask him/her "Have you ever had a mid-range phone" I have and let me tell you, it works for me. Today those phones have everything I need except wow effects. Do I need a wow effects? No. Do you want to pay same game once again? I do not know.
The price changes everything
Mergan Naidoo
Mergan Naidoo:
She's too loud and screamy for what I want to see from CNET
Baseball Carding
Baseball Carding:
the lights on her eyes is just scary.
Series S is more powerful than Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X very nice
Ethan Herrera
Ethan Herrera:
I really hope this makes sony have lower prices, this is an amazing sounding console, but im only getting consoles for the exclusives so im going ps5. However, this is undeniably good for most gamers. well done xbox.
BZB King
BZB King:
this will be like buying a midrange smartphone
There's also going to be a price cut for this year's black Friday deals
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Robinson:
That clip was from Winter Soldier!!!!!
I’m getting the S next gen
kafil Ekemode
kafil Ekemode:
This is Awesome! i'm definitely getting one. I mean the deal is just impossible...
Ahmed Al Mahbub
Ahmed Al Mahbub:
-Who's your host?
-Ashley Esqueda
-I can watch all day.
I know I’ll end up owning both platforms but sure seems like Microsoft just told Sony: All your base are belong to us.
Ps5 digital is probably only $50 cheaper than the disc version. So my guess is that the ps5 digital will cost $450 to $500.
black phantom
black phantom:
The host is got me forget about all gaming and lost in her eyes
Gavin Bauman
Gavin Bauman:
Love this content, but as a respectful bit of feedback, I think the ring light was a bit too harsh on Ashley's face.
I Shrestha
I Shrestha:
The host has a good presence
Fahmenco mimi
Fahmenco mimi:
I mean c'mon. People can still buy iphones at way high price. What makes they think $499 ps5 console is unaffordable?
Considering this
I dont care about the prices, I just want to play super mario
Gabriel Feliz P
Gabriel Feliz P:
The switch.. It is what it is😂
ian mash
ian mash:
Been a ps4 player for long since ps1 so maybe this console Xbox s would comple to switch with a hug game library of games
Wolfman Jack
Wolfman Jack:
I’m getting Both Series S for my LED 55inch Samsung TV and Series X for my 65Inch LG 4K HDR TV. So yeah getting both and will pick a PS5 sometime next year in 2021 but first will be these two bad boys.

I give Microsoft much props for ALWAYS coming out first with all major announcements since the intro of Series X . Sony has been layback, quiet and last to announce any major news. They tend to announce their major news after Microsoft has done their first major announcements.

I appreciate how Microsoft has been first to announce & transparent with all their plans in this next-gen gaming era. They get my commitment & money first on both Series S & X. 👍
The series S just makes me want to get the Xbox Series X more
This is all pretty damn amazing, but if the only difference between S and X is 1440p vs 4k I have to see it to believe it. That is just crazy.
Relebohile Nkosi
Relebohile Nkosi:
Captain America: Winter Soldier has the "Elevator" Scene.
Captain America: Civil War has the "Airport" Scene.
You'd expect CNET to know 🙄
Yassine SABEQ
Yassine SABEQ:
That scene was from captain america: the winter soldier, not civil war 😅
Donald Duck
Donald Duck:
Man.. if only I've had a cheap fast stable internet connection over here.. 😭
火 D E V I L 火戈 D E V I L 戈
火 D E V I L 火戈 D E V I L 戈:
1 more finishing move , make Online free ( there are already rumours )
Mister Dragzon
Mister Dragzon:
Feels like that ring light is turned up too bright or the editor doesn’t know how to color correct.
Jaz A
Jaz A:
I think that sony can respond buy firing all of its managers and hire new ones...
crumble bee
crumble bee:
it's good that there's two consoles - i wont be getting both though, that would cost in XS of 800...
I can drop $500 on a console 😂 but, I need a new graphics card. the rtx 3k series looking real sweet!
Ayun Butt
Ayun Butt:
03:48 what happened to her right eye
Pranav Kocharlakota
Pranav Kocharlakota:
can i run flight simulator at high settings and 30 fps or more
emily konvaitis
emily konvaitis:
I would get a series s only after I had a PS5. I need my Ratchet and Clank and Last of Us.
Shadu FG
Shadu FG:
Looks like kidz bop version of xbox one
November 10 is my birthday 🤣❤️
Ok but why Nintendo use the Wii controllers to a VR!?
Metaforically Speaking
Metaforically Speaking:
You look so scary!! Please turned down the light and please reduce the makeup you're gorgeous!
I think Microsoft made an excellent decision by giving people the option to pay over time. Very good decision as you mentioned in the video. Specially right now.
Carlos Nieves
Carlos Nieves:
As a Playstation guy I was seriously intrigued with this option until i heard about the 512 GB of storage. They're pretty much forcing your hand to purchase a storage expansion card which could very well have been by design. Don't get me wrong with game pass and everything there's a lot of good things on the table. However the Series S would've really capitalized on the market if the storage was at least close to Series X I think. But I guess They didn't see it that way. Even so i still believe Series S is gonna sell very well. Its a solid option for players wanting a more affordable option.
Microsoft now thats how you launch an Xbox ..great job with All access with the all powerful Series X/ and the tiny but mighty [email protected] m Series S at $299 and gamepass with over 100 games for $24.99 that is awesome !!!
Apple Forever
Apple Forever:
$300 stove!
Lambo Levi
Lambo Levi:
HALO Really messed up alot honestly that would have been nice to have a deal closer
Samrat Chatterjee
Samrat Chatterjee:
She's so hot🔥
otis martin
otis martin:
The marvel reference made my day🥰
1440P AND 120FPS. is it worth playing on pc anymore?
Tyler cauthen
Tyler cauthen:
Playstation fans rn:

*suprised pickachu face
Can't argue with that price....First punch well delivered MS!
Steban Lewansky
Steban Lewansky:
Loving the content
I’m starting to feel bad for song 😂
4:08 "Microsoft Series A$$". Had me laughing for 2 whole minutes!!! My tummy aches now :D :'D
Rayshon Roundfield
Rayshon Roundfield:
I'm still stuck on the x
Charay HN
Charay HN:
lo siento xbox, pero sin Guilty Gear Strive no puedo vivir, así que ó me compro una nueva N-Switch (si es que sacan un modelo nuevo...) ó me hago de una PS5
I just got mines! It's the greatest thing since Apple pie 🥧!!! 😶
Holymoly creations
Holymoly creations:
I think sony should stop for another 6 years and build the ultimate game console and then xbox makes another one and just idk but i respect all consoles
Xbox have really brought something to the table this generation, they’ve found a gap in the market, following Nintendo in a sense not worrying about 4K like it’s the main selling point !!!!

Well done Xbox very good idea with the series s, but I’m still buying the series x
Series X here I come 😁
Arsenic c
Arsenic c:
The fridge was priced higher then what rumors were. Seems like Xbox is a cell phone and the service is the data plan.
If people can hack it and run windows applications then this would be a really good looking emulation box especially if they get drivers working and you might even be able to run other modern games if people get drivers working.
cool I can get 12 fps while I'm playing minecraft at 4k with ray tracing
Change Diary
Change Diary:
I was gonna buy a ps5 but this deal is really good. Leaning towards an s now
lyhue wynegar
lyhue wynegar:
Was using the Manhattan SAG kook a good choice for this announcement? This femme needs to relax and stop screaming lol
Brian D'Souza
Brian D'Souza:
The lightning is way off in this vid!
Yo she said one game per month. Jesus. Can I borrow some money?
What's with the woman's eyes they're so scary
Jo12dan James
Jo12dan James:
Xbox game pass with ea play, brings the total up to 335 games, not including the ea preview games
King Luxury
King Luxury:
Microsoft has an advantage 💯😎
Orange Juice
Orange Juice:
Hope there i just digital version
Billy Takahashi
Billy Takahashi:
Probably Sony is saying oh omoshiroine kakatekoi😂
For Sony to kill Microsoft they need to sell the digital version for $299 and the disk version for $399 that will completely destroy Microsoft
Corey Cameron
Corey Cameron:
Is the Xbox series S Backwards compatible like the series X?
BOOM! Techno Buffalo BOOM! Lasic
Rip modern warfare on internal boys
So we got an internet browser, stove, refrigerator, and toaster (the switch)
Cristian Nedelcu
Cristian Nedelcu:
I for one i will get one...and already have the PS4. So i can wait for a PS5 pro. I really like Microsoft's move
Nick JP
Nick JP:
It's a good deal for real
PlayStation, More like stagnation
That's awesome. My birthday is november 9.
All about Games
All about Games:
This is a great Deal
Can you cite the source of that intro music? 0:10
Dane Flanigan
Dane Flanigan:
Sony is far into development and production of their unit ~ can they reduce cost or offer a finance option for costs already incurred?
Tus Nalgas Son Mias
Tus Nalgas Son Mias:
So, do I need to upgrade or am I ok with my XBOX ONE X?
Eric Narvaez
Eric Narvaez:
Wasn't a big fan of xbox. But I may buy one if they do the payments along with the game pass. Microsoft you may win me back!
Yeah sony Officially can't compete
Umutcan69 YT
Umutcan69 YT:
I have the original Xbox for 7 years now
I think it’s time to change bois