Xbox Series S - Official World Premiere Console Trailer

Check out the world premiere for the new Xbox Series S console. The all-digital Series S will launch November 10 at $299 USD.

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Donald Nguyen
Donald Nguyen:
Sony gonna reveal the price at the cash register when you have the console and the cashier whispers the price into your ears.
Help me reach 10k subs with no videos
Help me reach 10k subs with no videos:
YouTube is really getting comfortable with the 15 second ads with no skip
Ricky Ortiz
Ricky Ortiz:
Playstation: our controller had a built in speaker

Xbox: our console is a speaker
Press X
Press X:
My Loyalty to Sony is being tested on that $299 price.
Console wars aside this is a fantastic steal
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez:
The router
The mini fridge
Now the speaker welcome to the family
Swmp Dj
Swmp Dj:
Me before the trailer: Wtf is that speaker thing on the front.

Me after the trailer: Wtf is that speaker thing on the front
Imagine being Sony mocking your competitor 7 years ago for being anti-consumer, then become anti-consumer yourself. Absolutely appalling.
Ryan Bowler
Ryan Bowler:
I'm still going ps5 this gen, but I'm deffinetley debating getting this cheap console just purely for the Gamepass, which is amazing value, for amount of content available.
Hey Waves
Hey Waves:
Looks like the speaker from a drive through
Mr Kings
Mr Kings:
I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 laaarge, a number 6 with extra dip, two number 45s, one with cheese and a large soda.
Unpopular opinion:

Looks like mini air con unit, kinda dig it, I'm a PlayStation fan generally but I'll kop it. Ps5 and this would pair nicely.
Lucky Carlos
Lucky Carlos:
You know how you're on one side of the console wars but you're still excited for the other sides next gen consoles?
Zed Ikejiani
Zed Ikejiani:
finally my setup is complete a fridge, wifi router and a speaker
Nitin Muralidharan
Nitin Muralidharan:
This is an absolute win for all gamers, we're getting a cheaper next gen console and this forces the competition to make their new consoles cheaper too. Playstation gamer here.
cool 123
cool 123:
"lemme hear you"

Aight, 50 bucks take it or leave it......
“Games optimized for next gen”
*shows LEGO Star Wars*
"Let me hear you"
Me as a mute person: ....
Nabil Ahmed
Nabil Ahmed:
This speaker comes with a full-fledged gaming console. That's a buy.
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson:
There’s also a 24 month payment plan for both the S and X.
From Crossing Fate
From Crossing Fate:
If the S stands for speaker just say that lol
Savion Knox
Savion Knox:
"Let me hear you"

Me: How do I turn this damn Xbox Speaker up ?? 👀
Dirtnapstor •
Dirtnapstor •:
In case you missed it, the caption during the trailer stated “Music being played taken directly from the Series S speaker”.
i'm pumped for this. i can get into next gen gaming for $300. sold!!
Gypsy Dangerlove
Gypsy Dangerlove:
512 GB of memory means you'll be able to have like 3 games installed and that's not including upcoming next-gen titles that will have much larger data sizes. Basically they're gonna trick you into buying an additional memory hd/ssd. (which won't be cheap). You might as well get the X. It's 1TB, has the disc tray just in case you ever need it, and it's not a distracting bright white that gets dirty very easily. THAT BEING SAID, for people who are on a budget I completely understand this being your choice. Still a very powerful machine with a small footprint and if the price is much lower than the X, this will be a great console.
I Want a Tesla
I Want a Tesla:
Wether it looks you think it looks weird or not, that’s not the point. The point is to make a console that is compact, powerful, and affordable, and Microsoft nailed it
josh turner
josh turner:
"Let me hear you": i’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
Captain Rookie
Captain Rookie:
PlayStation 5: Let's make an alien console.

XBOX: Hold my washing machine.
I thought this was a trailer for a new DJ Hero game and it’s controller.
Dean Brown
Dean Brown:
lol all I could think was "Got Milk?" - looks cool however
This is an Excellent price point. Sony would be having a headache.
Will there be any difference in the performance between this and series x?
Enrique T28
Enrique T28:
"Ill have two number 9s ,a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s one with cheese, and a large soda"
Theo Coconut boy
Theo Coconut boy:
I saw the thumbnail and it took a me a second to realize that was the console, not a speaker
Yeet Machine
Yeet Machine:
Sony’s gonna tell me to go on a desert odyssey tripping on mushrooms & when I collapse from heat exhaustion, a mirage of a Sony exec will appear and tell me the price before I die.
Ethan Wilson
Ethan Wilson:
Just a reminder to everyone, it's okay for people to totally take the piss out of both Xbox and PS. They're just consoles made by massive companies, don't take it so personally.
Xbox players 2 months ago:
Lmao xbox series x will be more powerful than PS5

Xbox players now:
The series s is perfect for me, I dont care about specs anyways
Online reactions to next-gen make me embarrassed to be a part of the gaming community, for real.
Buy what you want and let others buy what they want. It's really that simple.
Michael Dunleavy
Michael Dunleavy:
Hate to be a downer but I honestly can’t seem to get hyped for “next gen” this time round. Might be because of my ridiculous back log though 🤔
John Marston
John Marston:
Ouuu, this is amazing!! I can't wait to blast this speaker all the way up when I want to vibe out in my room!!
j.k. 123
j.k. 123:
Lois Lane: What Does The "S" Stand For?....

Superman: Speaker.
Kid: mom, I want that mini subwoofer!
Microsoft had all this time to come up with something and still came up with another BOX. Sony wins with style points.
I’ve been a lifelong PlayStation and Nintendo fan, never owned my own Xbox. The series S may be the first Xbox I own for myself. Looks to be worth it with gamepass ultimate alone.
Klumsy Kameleon
Klumsy Kameleon:
Honestly was gonna pass on getting a Series X for a year or two for a reduction in price - but now a Series S for just £250! Insane value for the only difference being games outputting 1440p instead of 4K and a smaller storage - which I already have a 2TB hard drive for. Perfect upgrade over the Xbox One S.
irregular mana
irregular mana:
"Let me hear you"

Yeah can I get a large number 4....
Tariq Sattar
Tariq Sattar:
Genuinely want this more than the series X. I already have a decent gaming PC and only have an Xbox for when I want to game on the living room TV so this is a perfect budget machine to replace my One X.
suresh rathia
suresh rathia:
This time finally they make a box..
I finally understand. They will gauge customers expressions while they set prices at the register, like MOONLIGHTER. They want US to determine their price! Genius!
Alan Chambers
Alan Chambers:
Now imagine if the storage is expandable by off the shelf m.2 nvme's (whos prices are dropping). And thats an extra slot, so you can keep the standard 500...Now THAT would be EPIC!
hippie hippo
hippie hippo:
This is the most perfect non-handheld console for traveling for the holidays. I have a headache just thinkiing about how I will travel with my ps5 for the holidays 😭
This looks like my small electric stove
Kaiyo On Crack
Kaiyo On Crack:
Damn, the new microsoft speaker looks so 🔥
rafael pozo
rafael pozo:
Power your dreams, without games at launch
Beyond Zetabyte
Beyond Zetabyte:
I loved the price. In the third world countries, people find consoles very costly. So I hope the import taxes makes Xbox series S available and affordable for middle class people like me.
C Taylor
C Taylor:
So your telling me i get a console and a George Forman grill?! All in one?! Sweet!
This legit looks like the adaptive controller
Bruh _
Bruh _:
*DJ Khaled quietly in the background:*

Another one
Seth Feldpausch
Seth Feldpausch:
I too have always wanted a speaker that was made of milk!
Ranjan Nadig
Ranjan Nadig:
Activision should start shipping COD's with their own external SSD's at this point. You can probably play like 5 games on a 512 GB storage where the usable space is actually lesser than that.
"Next Gen Frame Rates" lol
Xbox sure love home appliances. I mean this looks like a stove!
Steed-o-Blox and other games
Steed-o-Blox and other games:
so i"m probably gonna buy series x then next year ps5 and next year when i meet my aunt i'll ask for series s
U lying to yourself when you buy this😂
Sir common Decency
Sir common Decency:
The new speaker looks great
john ryan
john ryan:
Arblus, look! It's Unicro,,,I mean it's Lockhart! It's going to hold back and eat the entire generation! It's taken nearly two years for Lockhart to reach us.
We were not prepared!
03 Abhay Deshmukh
03 Abhay Deshmukh:
Me: Wow. Nice...
Phoebe in my head: How much is it?
Xbox: it's $299
Phoebe in my head: We'll give you $10 dollars!
its literlley the speaker u talk to when your ordering food at MC donalds
Call of Duty: yeah.. im gonna need half that storage size. k thx.
pratik kumar
pratik kumar:
The leaks were pretty accurate
Video Game Kill Counts
Video Game Kill Counts:
That speaker looks badass, but where is the console?
They haven't yet released the series X, and now they released a better version of the series X. Lol.
Bullet Adams
Bullet Adams:
The Meme's about this were on point so funny
S s
S s:
After I saw a meme of some ordering a cheeseburger from it I can't unsee it as anything else 🤣😂
ben h
ben h:
this is a perfect budget console
John Dick
John Dick:
Ok. Looks like one of those radios from the 1930’s with that one speaker
DE Media Sound
DE Media Sound:
I have an enclosed Intel 1tb M.2 NVME SSD connected to my One S via USB 3.0, I'll just connect that to the Series S and that will solve the problem.
Duong Nguyen
Duong Nguyen:
Why couldn't they make the grill holes perfectly circular with the edge? That really stands out against the smooth edge, feels like they put minimum effort into this design.
D'Angelo Garcia
D'Angelo Garcia:
If we are able to change out the ssd im sold, all my games are digital anyways
Jhonny Perez
Jhonny Perez:
Im glad that they decide to launch a cheaper version for people who we just want to play next gen games
Angry Bulldog Gaming
Angry Bulldog Gaming:
only reason why i'm happy with this is because finally is sony's turn to show their freaking price already
John Fuckingmarston
John Fuckingmarston:
Sooo this thing costs 299 and has less basic power than the One X. I finally discovered why Halo looked like crap. When the developers have to make next gen games also work on this thing, forget series X. And which third party developer will support this console lol. I can already see the picture quality from the downgrade 🤣
sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers
sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers:
Oh, a new speaker from windows, cool
This will be a great new addition to my speaker collection
Ibrahim Kaafarani
Ibrahim Kaafarani:
As a potential PS5 buyer i think the power you get for this price is really incredible. Respect to XBOX.
smash myass
smash myass:
I really hope this gets disc version..
512GB SSD.

Call of Duty: Seats Taken
Cyberpunk 2077: 😔
Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime:
they did the same type of trailer as sony for PS5 lmao
Danni Eriv
Danni Eriv:
Not all the hype it deserves 😤 I could say that it took trailer elements from Sony, also i play destiny 2 on ps4 how is that next gen gaming? Are you guys just getting this game? I thought we was for the future?!
Everytime I turn it on it needs to liquify
Michael holle
Michael holle:
oh sit a hotplate,I can warm up my beans why I wait for it too load.cuz let's be honest if this thing has zero load times I'll buy it.
Jota Random
Jota Random:
A dyxesic people will blow away with the "Series S", "Series X" and will cry
Da Goat-Butter
Da Goat-Butter:
Dang I got my hopes up for DJ Hero 3 for this trailer, thanks alot Xbox
Michael Abayomi
Michael Abayomi:
Great. Now, if only they'll start taking those preorders.
Very impressed with the Series S all around.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson:
Interesting. I thought it would be more expensive. I'm saving the date. 👍
If there is a game running on series x at 4k 60fps, would the series S run it at 1440 120fps? Or it will run at the same 60 fps?
Im getting this one. Poor man club!!!
Ma liberté financière
Ma liberté financière:
You will know the PS5 price when you check your credit card statement.
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc:
Looks great. Only nitpick is that 512gb SSD on an all-digital console when current gen games are hitting the 100gb mark. But oh well, I suppose that will help keep the price reasonable.