Yana Sizikova arrested for alleged match-fixing at 2020 French Open | New York Post

A tennis player suspected of match-fixing last year has been arrested in Paris during the French Open, the Paris prosecutor’s office said Friday.

According to French newspaper Le Parisien, which first reported the story, the player is 765th-ranked Yana Sizikova of Russia. The prosecutor’s office confirmed to The Associated Press that a “women’s international player” was in custody, but it did not identify her.

The player was arrested Thursday night on charges of “sports bribery and organized fraud for acts likely to have been committed in September 2020,” the prosecutor’s office said.

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7 comentarios:

Tee Pee
Tee Pee:
Best believe an elite billionaire bet the house on her, and it didn’t go their way 😂👍
Who would have thought it. The Russians cheat?
Roger Hills
Roger Hills:
I'm sure she didnt know the rules like Sharapova!
- Brent -
- Brent -:
She should be arrested for double faulting twice in one game.
Benny Boy
Benny Boy:
But how can they prove it?
Stop picking on the Russians!!🇷🇺🇷🇺
John Snow Kumar
John Snow Kumar:
If there is video proof only against Madison Frengle, then both Yana and her doubles partner Madison Flengle should be arrested. I heard that right now there is only one video proof of Madison speaking with bribe middleman or middle woman.Just because there is video proof against Madison doesn't mean that her partner should be arrested. The French will do well to keep French women in check too, like in ww2.