you will fall in love with Robert Pattinson after watching this

Hello again, im back with another video, I make these videos to make all of you laugh and happy, i know it took ages to make these edits but seeing the good impact to everybody makes my day and lets pray for Rob to get well soon it would means a lot for him
This video showing everyone will like him or fall in love instantly sometimes he has a very weird jokes but thats what i like the most for him and dont forget to take a moment praying for his health too guys
If you want more videos like these, please dont forget to suggest video i would like to make it and im making a review video too on a lot of movies
anyways thank you for watching, i hope all of you like it

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O-ren Ishii
O-ren Ishii:
I would genuinely enjoy a conversation with him
Lindsey Squire
Lindsey Squire:
Person: What's your type?
Me: It's complicated
Awa de pancho
Awa de pancho:
How can you not be attracted to a man with this kind of humor and weirdness?
Arshdeep Vohra
Arshdeep Vohra:
Robert : doesn't know how to act drunk so gets drunk- 👁️👄👁️
“why actors have to be able to speak, it’s so AnnOyInG”

Gianna xoxo
Gianna xoxo:
Already was in love with him 😌
Skyler Reads
Skyler Reads:
It’s official. I am completely and irrevocably in love with Robert Pattinson
arshi hirani
arshi hirani:
he sounds like he’s talking in predictive text
Maanya Pagare
Maanya Pagare:
He's the most confident underconfident man I've ever seen
Imagine being Robert Pattinson and watching all these videos? How would he feel :D
Avneet Athwal
Avneet Athwal:
He is one of the most random people I know......

“You don’t even know who you are as a man”. Tell me, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! ( omg thanks for all the likes lol)
Agrim Puriya
Agrim Puriya:
His sentences go in 100 different directions.
i was confused for half the video, but he’s so entertaining that i didn’t care ✨
AV Roy
AV Roy:
He is literally the embodiment of a taurus. Like the awkward laughs after saying so little. And the social anxiety. Not knowing what to say. Literally me.
what he said: fOr tHeM
what he think: bittersweet???? I'm glad is over
Madi Thompson
Madi Thompson:
listening him saying stuff while i’m high so this is even funnier cause my brain can’t ✨comprehend✨
He's like, I like Christmas because u can sleep at night without being disturbed because of the chocolate being beaten up among four men and that's why I went to Harvard to pick the remaining crabs before they become raw because I'm

Ha ha ha ha ha ha
mochi jimin
mochi jimin:
Pansy Parkinson
Pansy Parkinson:
"Dont say anything"
*Robert knowing why:* EHEHEH
Amanda Concilio
Amanda Concilio:
he’s definitely a gen z at heart just look at all the depressing and non-sense shit that he talks about
Vel Ocitea
Vel Ocitea:
I like to think that BabyPattinson is Robert just makes memes about himself on YouTube
Jillian Yessa Acio
Jillian Yessa Acio:
Can you make a video showing he's perfect for the role of batman.
Awa de pancho
Awa de pancho:
I live for his chaotic energy
Cindy Ramirez
Cindy Ramirez:
From these interviews clips (which btw thank you for these, they’re keeping me sane and agreeable lol) it seems like he does have social media accounts— but most likely under pseudonyms? Just makes me wonder how much of his social media experience has shaped into his Gen z/chaotic energy
Jessica Dhaliwal
Jessica Dhaliwal:
His jawline tho……… 👁👅👁
"you will fall in love with Robert Pattinson after watching this"
hah joke's on you i already was
Johnwick Winchester
Johnwick Winchester:
He's like a ticking bomb which about to explode into surreal madness
Also Me : I like it.
Naja Allen
Naja Allen:
Every thing he says sounds like improv lmao
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley:
I remember when I was 10y/o, I said something like "I want to marry Rob when I'm 20 y/o" 💀💀 it's too late now
how can someone not like such a cute, funny, handsome, talented, pleasant, delightful, entertaining, amusing, marvellous, good-looking, charismatic, likable, charming, amiable, friendly, kind, good-natured, lovely, attractive, pretty, adorable, appealing, ravishing, heavenly, gorgeous, glamorous, irresistible, bewitchingly beutiful, a bit eccentric and quirky man!
(Reply with more qualities, I'll edit them in)
Néstor S.
Néstor S.:
The amount of ENFP energy radiating from him, satisfies my INFJ ass.
froggy mads
froggy mads:
he is so precious and chaotic
Reza Mustafa
Reza Mustafa:
the Dislikes from whom you ask?

Lucy Nowland
Lucy Nowland:
"the movies I do are weird and they don't make a lot of money" lollll
having a midlife crisis
having a midlife crisis:
he’s literally like real life chandler bing
Manal Mernich Bourdoui
Manal Mernich Bourdoui:
His personality makes him so attractive god I love him
"me and Charlie were hacking our way through like a completely dangerous jungle, [...] I think there's a certain element after about a couple of weeks. You just kinda of give into it and you're like well, uh...

if you die, DIE, wHaThEvEr "

Rob, that's the plot :)
aly jones
aly jones:
no stop I need to do my homework I can't have another white man who doesn't know I exist take over my life again
Michelle V
Michelle V:
0 dislikes 😌

as it should be
feeling: confused and amused.
Marvin Eunice
Marvin Eunice:
i fell in love the moment he walked into Forks High School. we don’t deserve such a unique and quirky soul. rob’s a treasure🥺🤣🤍
he’s literally gen z
Charlene Moore
Charlene Moore:
I loved him already😩 and I am so very intrigued by his thought process and the things that he says😂
Nishi Kalita
Nishi Kalita:
His humourous laugh 😂💓
Life Of Marie
Life Of Marie:
But what if you already love him?
“what makes you run? what makes you tick today?”

rachel w
rachel w:
i’m already in love with him and now i am even more 🥺🥰
Lulukazie 135
Lulukazie 135:
sometimes I speak like him. I confuse myself, and therefore my parents, too. but they created me so they have to deal with it.

for example, this morning I was in a car with my mum and "hooked on a feeling" came up. I pointed at the radio after hearing "chuggachooga chugga chugga chuggachooga" and said "it's not sayi-" and then i heard "ooga chaga oogaoogaooga chaga" and I just dropped my head dumbfounded while my mom was wheezing
Klynnbo •-•
Klynnbo •-•:
LMFAO when he said “for them” I was DYING.
Juli 1.0
Juli 1.0:
Me: is in love with Robert Pattinson.
Also me: wAtChEs ThIs vIdEO
Sometimes he says things that hits close to home and I wonder if he has the similar psychological issues I have as well or something more... Then it makes me sad.

Wow I came to just laugh my ass off but now kinda feeling blue.
Talita M
Talita M:
Never stop making these🥺
Lola Guzeeva
Lola Guzeeva:
i had to switch from crack to these videos because its impossible to do both
Emma Baldwin
Emma Baldwin:
He’s so beautifully weird. Genuinely wish I could meet Rob. I feel like he’d be a fun friend to have.
i’m already in love with him
we’re the same temperature- edward cullen
we’re the same temperature- edward cullen:
already in love mate😼😼
Eleanor Gouldie
Eleanor Gouldie:
Him and Aubrey Plaza in the same room would be absolute chaos
Kayle Martinez
Kayle Martinez:
I feel like it’s so hard for him to explains what he’s thinking and the people don’t understand
Arshdeep Vohra
Arshdeep Vohra:
I hope he gets better soon 🥺🥺, I was so heartbroken when I got to know he tested positive :(
Ale V
Ale V:
I love his awkwardness. We would be great friends
I'm guessing his hair stylist doesn't give two cents on how to style his hair~ Them hairstyles don't stay on his head for long~
Back than, girls loved him.

Now boy love him.
Tbh he is amazing at accents I only remember one line in the whole twilight saga where he sounds English
Allisen Tam
Allisen Tam:
"i feel like i go home and kind of beat themselves"
sunny_days_ rblx
sunny_days_ rblx:
i can tell that after the moment he talks he completly regrets it
eslem albayrak
eslem albayrak:
Whenever I watch his interviews I highly doubt myself if I know English enough... THIS MAN LITERALLY HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE'S SAYING AND THAT'S AWESOME MSKAKXKSLDLSLSLSLSL
Ariadna Garcia
Ariadna Garcia:
Cant stop laughing at the meat and the sausage thing wtf hahahahahhahahahaha
4:35 do somebody know about which film he talks about?🥴🥰
Noah Avital
Noah Avital:
Im in love even before watching 😂 😍
Let her sing
Let her sing:
The ballet movie!!!! I believe he's on the right track with that, something about the struggle, the passion, the love, the devotion about the ballet world.. He would be GREAT in such a film!
Abby Castillo
Abby Castillo:
I dont know who this is but the chaotic energy he radiates is absolutely amazing
olymar hinestroza
olymar hinestroza:
id give my left arm to have a conversation with him
Sarahi Garcia
Sarahi Garcia:
These videos give me life 😂😂😂
Megha Menaga
Megha Menaga:
Am alrdy in love wit him.. And got married in my dream 😆🤣
prachi chouhan
prachi chouhan:
I'm fall in love with him already 😍😍❤❤i love him how can i explain 🥺🥺❤❤❤❤
Hanna P
Hanna P:
This editing is hilarious and also gave me vertigo LOL
Also I laughed for the first time all day from this video, thank u for compiling and thanks rob for being awkward as hell 😹😹😹
Lovey-dovey Boo Gacha
Lovey-dovey Boo Gacha:
The man is Attractive and weird and a Taurus mate he’s my soulmate 👁👄👁
Layla ND
Layla ND:
I thought that was Quentin Tarantino in the thumbnail 💀
Lexi Salazar
Lexi Salazar:
lonely __army
lonely __army:
this was like my first video I've seen of him and I've got just one question.... is he alright?
Rithi Stewartx
Rithi Stewartx:
I'm already in love with him
Jully Kopke
Jully Kopke:
Okay, but in 1:19 his facial expression - for a moment, he was Edward Cullen.
Ella Joy
Ella Joy:
Me when I get confronted about a confusing topic at school be like: this whole damn video 😂
Miki shake
Miki shake:
ive already fallen in love with this man but ig idm falling even deeper :))
Miranda Taylor
Miranda Taylor:
I’m literally crying he’s so hot it hurts 😭
Aliyah Ally
Aliyah Ally:
I'm so serious that this man is my soulmate. His dark humor is everything omg
Alaa Mo
Alaa Mo:
0:25 I'm leaving this for me 😂😂😂
Joke's on you, I'm already in love with him.
marvel forever
marvel forever:
In first scene he looks like wolverine.
Grey vibes
Grey vibes:
faroha farhana
faroha farhana:
I think he's just demonstrating me and my friends having conversations together
An Extreme Clown
An Extreme Clown:
Bold of you to assume I already wasn’t in love with him
ava porco
ava porco:
i was already so in love with him but now im in love with him even more
Maxine Schuldt
Maxine Schuldt:
Okay when he said "Dread" is when I fell in love 😂😂😂😂
Lise Snb
Lise Snb:
i think we were already all in love with rob even before we saw this video
Was already in love with him since I have memory!
annie hope
annie hope:
Liliana Garcia
Liliana Garcia:
Robert Pattison is mentally insane, and I love it :)
Crazy how comfortable he makes me.
I’m sometimes like him, talk some random shit which nobody understands. 💜
I made my dad watch this and he finally understands why I love this man...and now he's concerned for me