Yu Shirota sings tears of "Kiseki" screaming close friend Haruma Miura's sudden death

Yu Shirota | Haruma Miura | Kiseki | ONGAKUNOHI | Greeeen | ***Yu Shirota sings tears of "Kiseki" screaming close friend Haruma Miura's sudden death*** | Japanese actor Haruma Miura was found dead at his Tokyo home on Saturday, July 18. According to The Japan Times, the 30-year-old was actor found unresponsive at his home in Minato Ward in the afternoon. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead, sources confirmed. It was supposedly death by suicide, according to the Metropolitan Police Department of Tokyo. | #YuShirota #HarumaMiura #Kiseki #ONGAKUNOHI #Greeeen

城田 優 と 三浦 春 馬,
城田 優 涙,

城田 優 キセキ,
音楽 の 日 三浦 春 馬,
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Queen Fu Fu
Queen Fu Fu:
I hate 2020. 2020 literally the worst year ever...
Yu Shirota had learned about the passing of Haruma Miura (his best friend) only a few hours before he had to sing this song live on TV. It was truly heartbreaking to watch him like this, but I was also so proud of him. It was a very sad day for Japan.
Rei Rei San
Rei Rei San:
My tears just won't stop. Goodnight, Haruma Miura. We're gonna miss you.
Brainy Trix
Brainy Trix:
I'm crying for Yu! That was not his best performance as a singer but it was his most beautiful because it's filled with so much love and respect Haruma Miura. Rest in peace, Haruma Miura.
Hinata-Diana Spencer
Hinata-Diana Spencer:
im sorry, i cant stop crying too. lets all pray for the people who got hurt for the passing of our beloved Idol Haruma
Hideki Miyagi
Hideki Miyagi:
If i have a son,i will name him “Haruma”
Just Me
Just Me:
This is too hard. I would have never imagined I would miss an actor and entertainer that I couldn't even understand what he was saying without English subtitles, but my heart is so broken.
English translation


I’ll love you more tomorrow than today
(ashita kyou yorimo suki ni nareru)

These overflowing emotions won’t stop
(afureru omoi ga tomaranai)

Right now even though I love you so much
(ima mo konnani sukide iru noni)

I can’t put it into words
(kotoba ni dekinai)

The days you’ve given me accumulate
(kimi no kureta hibi ga tsumi kasanari)

The days that have passed, the paths we walked together
(sugisatta hibi futari aruita KISEKI)

Whether our meeting was coincidence
(bokura no deai ga mosi guuzen naraba)

Or fate, just the fact that I met you
(unmei naraba kimi ni meguriaeta)

"It is a miracle"
(sorette KISEKI)

We walk close together
(futari yorisotte aruite)

Making our eternal love tangible
(towa no ai wo katachi ni site)

I want to always be smiling by your side
(itsumademo kimi no yoko de waratte itakute)

“Thank you” and, ah, “I love you”
(arigatou ya ah aisiteru ja)

Just aren’t enough, just at least let me say
(mada tarinai kedo semete iwasete)

"I’m happy"
(siawase desu to)

Even on days when nothing goes well
(umaku ikanai hi datte)

Just being together cheers me up
(futari de ireba hare datte)

Our happiness and sadness is all shared
(yorokobi ya kanasimi mo subete wakeaeru)

Because you’re here I can keep going
(kimi ga iru kara ikite ikeru kara)

Just stay with me forever my beloved
(dakara itsumo sobani ite yo itosii kimi e)

"Until the final second"
(saigo no ichi byou made)

I’ll be smiling more tomorrow than today
(ashita kyou yori egao ni nareru)

Just being with you makes me feel that way
(kimi ga iru dakede sou omoeru kara)

Ten of years, hundreds of years, thousands of years
(nanjuu nen nanbyaku nen nanzen nen)

Let’s surpass time
(toki wo koeyou)

I love you
(kimi wo aisiteru)
Rurouni Kenshin batosai
Rurouni Kenshin batosai:
My idol
When he died in koizora, my tears cant stop keep falling
Now We loss him in real
Brianna Price
Brianna Price:
I hate seeing Yu Shirota like this. Poor baby lost one of his closest friends. And we all lost an amazing actor. Love you and rest in peace Haruma Miura 💔
I respect his courage to show all that emotion and yet the power within to sing in such a time. What a strong person!
julia Fernandez
julia Fernandez:
I was on Twitter that he's Chinese friend noticed that he was online on his personal ig account 5 hours ago before the incident.
Yue Bing
Yue Bing:
2020 is literally the worst year.
self love
self love:
i havent watched miura haruma in years and this broke my heart. i cant stop crying. he was and will always be my favorite actor.
I don't understand. What is happening in his darkest hours? Why was no one there with him? Its hard to think or wonder why. All we are left with is why.
I want to say I feel you.... that must’ve been really hard to sing knowing that you’ll never get to see your close friend anymore. I can’t ... I can’t believe this. Haruma was my favorite Japanese actor 😭
I can’t believe I won’t get to see or hear him in other dramas.............no. 😭😭😭
i never thought i would ever see the words Haruma Muira DIED and now i do i am in shock and unbelief. he had everything going for him. i can't see why he would choose to leave this world. there has to be something he kept to himself and suffered greatly from alone. i just wished he could have been as brave to live as he was brave to die. i will miss him so much!
Professor Layton
Professor Layton:
Dear miura san,
I know that you are no more in this world. I know that my words can find no way to reach you now. I know what we write and say now doesnt make a difference now. But i dont know what to do. I still cant believe that behind the prettiest smile ive ever seen, there was so much sadness hidden. So much so that it lead to ending your life. The world is a miserable place right now and it is worse since 4 days ago. I cant stop crying when i see your last post on insta. I cant stop crying when i see your insta live from april. I try to distance myself from your news but the next moment i find myself searching your name. I cant move on. I try searching for signs of what made you take this decision. What made you feel the way you did. Why didnt someone realise what you were going through. Whenever i think of your last moments; you writing your last note, you walking up to your death, i cry. Just the thought that the smile you showed was part of an act, and not your true reflection makes my heart break. I mean how could you smile so bright for others when you were hurting this much inside. I wish that despite what you felt, you found a single reason to live on. I wish that you got the help and support that you needed and a warm hug. My heart breaks for you. You were needed. You had a long life ahead. But you are no more here. The least i want and look for is a reason. I know i wont find one. I dont know how i will get the closure...
I will probably keep coming back to this video time to time, remembering you and all your work and energy
I wont be able to move on from your death. My heart will hurt everytime i remember you..
I wish you didnt go away
But i hope that you are in a better place. I hope that you are happy
Rest in peace miura san
With a heavy heart,
Your fan and wellwisher since 2007
Lannah Belles
Lannah Belles:
It wasn't so long ago when they did IG live together. It must be hard. My tears won't stop from falling foo.
Shayne 神 E.
Shayne 神 E.:
I am crying the whole things I watch this 😭🤧 I felt his pain💔
Gii Delara
Gii Delara:
I'm sorry I can't stop bursting into tears.
He's really a true friend of Haruma.
Life is really so mysterious.
It is our duty to discover those mysteries.

Haruma is too young to leave this world.
Why Haruma? Why?

Nor Azline Shaffiati
Nor Azline Shaffiati:
I cried so much when I hear the news. I know him since 2009, and I follow him since then. I never know he had such problems until he took his own life. 😭 he's my first Japanese crush. I watched all his videos, dramas, movies. He was so much happy back then 😭 ouh I wish I can turn back the time and try to save him. I don't need him to be an actor, I just want him to have a happy life
Anna Patricia C
Anna Patricia C:
I’ve been a fan of yu shirota for years and I had also watched miura’s movies before. I didnt know they were close friends 😭😭😭 this is so painful. Rest in peace, haruma miura. we have yet again lost an icon in the film industry.
Otaku felix dokidoki
Otaku felix dokidoki:
this is just soooo heartbreaking, i can really feel his sincerity, gosh i cried a lot... RIP HARUMA 😭 WE WILL ALWAYS MISS U
Jaheen Chowdhury
Jaheen Chowdhury:
Careerwise he was doing great and he even started his music career last year. Was he having problems in his personal life or maybe some internal issues in his professional life too?
I can't stop crying too... This is a sudden big heartbreak for me
Hugs to Yu, this had to be so hard for him. Rest in Peace, beautiful and brilliant Haruma Miura.
I’m so heartbroken 😭💔🙏🏽 Rest In Peace Miura Haruma
Nastya Fearless
Nastya Fearless:
Absolutely heartbreaking, still can’t believe it
Nissy Rozette
Nissy Rozette:
My heart shattered in pieces just to think that he was in pain and suffered all alone to his death . I'm sorry if i couldn't do anything for you , i wish i could reach out to you earlier and give you those kind words 💔💔💔 I was too late for that . Thank you for your existence . You will be missed forever . I love you so much haruma miura ❤
Even though we don’t know what he might have gone through.. May he rest in peace. That’s what we can do.. 愛してる,春馬三浦さん
Yulianti Asyik
Yulianti Asyik:
This is so heartbreaking. I feel you Yu. He was my favorite actor since koizora. May he rest in peace.
lili lulu
lili lulu:
I can't :"" cryin a lot of tears rite now... It just too sudden...
it really makes my heart ache.. (T.T)
Gleb Karimloo
Gleb Karimloo:
please find out the meaning of this lyrics. I want many people to know the meaning of the lyrics.It is sung in English lyrics on YouTube😢
Sarah L
Sarah L:

Really tragic and heartbreaking .... Wish he could be here and live to see another day and that it'll be ok.
One of Greeeen's best songs, this is fitting.
Sittie Ainah Hadid
Sittie Ainah Hadid:
I am going to miss HARUMA MIURA so much!💔😭 Farewell, my love! 😭💔R.I.P!!
Iman J
Iman J:
What a great loss to the world.He will be missed by so many. My heart goes out to you at this time of grief..miss n luv u Miura😔
Yuuki Cross
Yuuki Cross:
This is so heartbreaking.. Rest in Peace Haruma Miura 😭
Junrose Vblog
Junrose Vblog:
Why he need to end his life that sudden, many people who are fighting to live for their lives. RIP Haruma Miura,
Ema Ema
Ema Ema:
U tube please bring back 2019 MIURA HARUMA . I can't stand 2020

Toqa تــُقى
Toqa تــُقى:
I got goosebumps.. I dunno how I'll feel if my close friend just took her life without asking for help..just how depressed was he...
We will miss ur beautiful smile forever RIP haruma miura
I started like him on samurai high school with shirota-kung
Luke n Jazz Skywalker
Luke n Jazz Skywalker:
I’m gonna missed everything of you Haruma Muira! Send our love and prayers. RIP 🙏🏻
This is painful to watch and so sad. Please stay strong Yu!
Tonil Enton
Tonil Enton:
Condolences to the family.
Eiry Desu
Eiry Desu:
Rest in peace Miura Haruma 😭 😭 I can't believe it. It's too sudden, I can't really believe it that's why I looked to any sources and found out that it's true! That you're really gone! Why? 😭 you're one of my favorite Japanese actors and you will forever be! Thank you for your great movies, films, dramas and everything 😭 You will live forever in my heart! FOREVER! ❤️😭
Elizabeth Lucy
Elizabeth Lucy:
Aveces no entiendo a la vida. Te vamos a extrañar Haruma nunca te irás de nuestros ❤🙏👼
My favourite Japanese actor Miura Haruma left us....i love him so much. He was amazing in boku na ita jikan and the last cinderella. May he rest in peace. I hope he is happy there
Laura K-E
Laura K-E:
I had this urge to watch Bloody Monday again for the longest time and when I finally got the chance, it was July 18. I had no idea what had happened until today. T.T R.I.P Miura.
Rest in Peace Haruma Miura👼.. Your beautiful smile will forever be missed😭😭
Neko Miaw
Neko Miaw:
Still can' believe it... 😭 so sad...
Tok Mae Yo
Tok Mae Yo:
I’m sorry for ur lost. RIP Haruma Miura 💔
Yongdina Ochi
Yongdina Ochi:
It's too sad to watch him sing with tears in his eyes.Haruma was a great person and an actor . As a child I grew up watching his shows and movies. I loved and respected him and Will always remember him.
What A Great Friend..
We Love You Haruma.. ❤️
Letizia Reis
Letizia Reis:
This is so heart breaking 💔
Jia Ling
Jia Ling:
RIP Miura Haruma. I will forever miss you. It's heartbreaking.
cheska exoL
cheska exoL:
Sayonara my sweet Miura Haruma I enjoy a lot your dramas and movies , rest in peace 😢😞
TNT - Trending News Today
TNT - Trending News Today:
Yu Shirota | Haruma Miura | Kiseki | ONGAKUNOHI | Greeeen | ***Yu Shirota sings tears of "Kiseki" screaming close friend Haruma Miura's sudden death*** | Shirota, who appeared in the cover medley corner by a gorgeous artist, covered GReeeeN's masterpiece "Kiseki". With tears in his eyes, he performed a heartfelt singing voice. During the singing, there were also scenes where the voice was choked and the patient was depressed. | #YuShirota #HarumaMiura #Kiseki #ONGAKUNOHI #Greeeen
Happy Hawaii
Happy Hawaii:
So sad. This brings tears to my eyes.
Dutch Gel
Dutch Gel:
I am crying the whole time with him. Haruma-san!! 😭😭😭
Aisya Farina
Aisya Farina:
It's devastating that your life was cut so short at such a young age but tq for all of the wonderful memories your incredible talent has given the world shine bright..R.I.P H.M 😭
T A E L A U G H:
I’m crying.... RIP Haruma Miura, you will be missed:’)
Chai Atienza
Chai Atienza:
I feel yuu's pain😭
Hafinesse Machine
Hafinesse Machine:
I feel so sad, Haruma Miura is in every favorite anime/movie i've watched.😭
anime and kpop trash
anime and kpop trash:
I can feel his pain just by watching this... (╥﹏╥) I myself have lost one of my close friends too,Be strong Yu-san I'm sure Haruma-san will always be watching over his beloved ones from up in the sky. Rest in peace 💐
laidely ramirez
laidely ramirez:
I can't stop crying 😭🥺🥺
Jenks Biang
Jenks Biang:
I just can't... 😢 To my childhood friend, we will miss you.
Mia Liyon
Mia Liyon:
I cried hard when i found out about the news regarding Haruma Miura, & i cried harder now listening to this 😭
TeaTime4 Akane
TeaTime4 Akane:
I’m still in shock . I feel like I’ve lost my own son. Our hearts are forever broken. May his soul be at peace and free. 🦋 R.I.P. Haruma Muira 💕💕💕
Lindzie P
Lindzie P:
😢😢😢 I remember their tandem in samurai highschool 😢😢😢 sabishi desu I can't believe it why he's dead already Haruma-kun
Zen zei
Zen zei:
Beautiful soul, beautiful smile.
Rest In Peace, Angel.💐
This is heart breaking 😭😭😭
Gacha Galaxy
Gacha Galaxy:
Rest in peace, Haruma Miura
J Lyrica
J Lyrica:
My heart hurt watching him sing like this💔 i can feel his pain losing his friend 🥺
I'm literally crying..
Nelju 27
Nelju 27:
Why? He's one of my favorite actor 😭
Tomorrow, I can love you more than I do today;
These overflowing feelings won't stop
Even now, though now I like you so much,
I can't even begin to put it into words

The days you've given to me are piling up;
The paths we've walked; the days that have passed
What if our meeting was just by chance? Or if it was by fate?
Just by coincidentally being able to meet you, just that is a "miracle"

We walked close to each other, making our eternal love tangible
I want to always be smiling by your side
"Thank you" and Ah "I love you"aren't even enough,
but at the very least let me say, "I'm happy"

Even on the days that don't go so smoothly,
Just being together, it's another sunny day and everything goes away!
Joy and grief both, we'll share it all
It's because you're here that I can live on!
That's why, always stay by my side, "my beloved", until the very last second

Tomorrow, I will be able to smile more than today
Just you being here I can think that
No matter how many tens or hundreds or thousands of years go by,
I love you
Lizzie Hangsing
Lizzie Hangsing:
Crying .. quietly , by myself 😢😢😢
I still can’t believe it. When I think about him, my heart hurts.
Nistha Shrestha
Nistha Shrestha:
Though I can't understand the lyrics but i can feel the pain 💔💔😭😭
Haruma miura will always be alive in our heart.
My tears are flowing down to my cheeks...this version is so emotional. It's one of my favorite Songs too...and Haruma Miura was a talented Actor - Can't believe, that he didn't want to live anymore. But I hope you are happy there were you are with the angels. Rest in Peace - Haruma Miura.
NotSoOrdinaryGirl NSOG
NotSoOrdinaryGirl NSOG:
Rip Haruma Miura. Thank you for making everyone feel love and happiness through your movies. I hope you found your happiness. You will be missed my idol😭😭😭
Captain CorgiButt
Captain CorgiButt:
I can only rewatch him on shows (on sites) and know that he is not physically here anymore but now resting in place where he is happy.
Fatima Villahermosa
Fatima Villahermosa:
I can't Stop myself from crying 😭😭😭🤧 I still can't believe what happend
Emotiva la canción de Yu Shirota...sientiéndolo mucho por su amigo. Cuando leí la noticia no podía creerlo, pues lo recorde por el papel de Kazehaya
Jos mad
Jos mad:
Watching, crying, mourning. Please rest in eternal peace Baby Miura Haruma😭
i miss u miura:")
Nada Moustafa
Nada Moustafa:
Rest in peace angel
My first and favorite Japanese actor 💔💔
Qila Fairy
Qila Fairy:
Haruma was my first jdrama crush when I just discovered the world of jdorama 😭 U will forever in my heart ❤ I still can't accept your death yet
Fransiscus Xaverius
Fransiscus Xaverius:
RIP Haruma Miura 😥😰😭
Stay strong Yuu shirota 😣😢🙌
Krysha Wisteria
Krysha Wisteria:
Im shocked when i heard it on nhk world 😭
Song WooSanHwa
Song WooSanHwa:
Omg I’m going to miss Miura so much 😭
He was such an amazing actor it’s shocking that he has taken his life 2020 has been horrible year to peoples lives hope everyone would stay strong and survive this difficult time RIP you were such an amazing actor 🙏🙏🙏
Sharmilla Virgo09
Sharmilla Virgo09:
I just got over the news and tonight looking for Greeeen songs... And encountered this.

Good night, dear star...
Abbie Gayle
Abbie Gayle:
fudgeeee...i can't stop myself from crying, it hurts so much while listening to him singing as he tries his best to keep up with the song even though he's not fine😭
出 久緑谷
出 久緑谷:
Rest in peace haruma miura 😭😭😭
Tamires Silva
Tamires Silva:
My heart is so broken😭😭😢
It is hurt to much😭😭😭😢
tira aja
tira aja:
This is so heartbreaking 😭😭