Zab Judah: Mayweather Making $30M Boxing Logan Paul is a Bank Robbery for Floyd (Part 2)

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In this clip, Zab Judah spoke about Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's upcoming fight, which he called a "heist," and he added that Mayweather is "brilliant" for the money moves that he makes. Zab went on to agree with Vlad that Mayweather's street cred will be hurt if he's knocked out or knocked down by Logan Paul. Moving along, Zab shared his thoughts on Ochocinco fighting on the undercard, and he believes that the "world will be shocked" when they see Ochocinco in the ring. To hear more, including his thoughts on Jake Paul snatching Mayweather's hat, hit the above clip.

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Mrbeast Old Videos
Mrbeast Old Videos:
Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amenn
J C:
Zab is a legend and he is answering these damn questions like an attorney! 😅😅
Floyd gonna put on a defensive show, land a couple big counter shots, do a lot of holding, and be $30 mill richer! Simple
Will J
Will J:
Floyd is making between $30M - $100M for one fight that doesn't even count on his record. Even if he somehow loses he would just make even more in a rematch. There is no risk here.
I was chilling Friday night and I see Floyd just jogging around Miami Beach at 3am . Let me realize why dude is so successful. There was at least a thousand fine mamis around and dude is just dedicated. Gotta respect that.
Phil L
Phil L:
Vlad gonna post this tomorrow as a flashback lol
Book of Rhymes
Book of Rhymes:
getting knocked out by a man of equal your prime would be legit
Young Tragic Lpg
Young Tragic Lpg:
I like how now nobody wants to tell vlad what he wants to hear 😂 even when he’s prying for it so hard
John Kim
John Kim:
Rocky Marciano 49-0. Lol. Floyd made sure to hit 50 n then retire. Smart man.
Every pro boxer who loves boxing wishes he had the following to do what Floyd is doing
VLAD doesn't even need Zab in this "interview". He's just using his platform to interview himself.
H H:
Vlad trying so hard too get Zab too say something negative about one of the figthers..
Quarantine Education
Quarantine Education:
ZAB is smooth answering questions
¿Wonder Man?
¿Wonder Man?:
I want to see Zab in a Key&Peele skit now, right now. "It's a possibility."
Nade Cha
Nade Cha:
Zab look like he gettin tired of the trap questions. Surprised he still go back
Vlad talked way too much in this, never let the man finish a sentence
Kurt Parks
Kurt Parks:
Trained world class Fighters hit Floyd at a rate less than 10%. Just because you’re bigger doesn't mean it gives you a better chance to knockout Floyd
If Conor couldn’t defeat Floyd in a boxing match what makes y’all think Logan can ?
Adrian D
Adrian D:
Wow vlad said something remarkable “Floyd doesn’t get angry” “Ive never seen Floyd angry” and that’s what makes mayweather so great he uses the opponents anger and aggression against them 👍🏾💪🏾
Old Head WhoDat
Old Head WhoDat:
Ppl hate Mayweather but he keep BIG pay days coming‼️
micro seven
micro seven:
He’s genius. He has people promoting the fight for him. When it’s a walk in the park. They are building it(money) for him
Poppy Niamh
Poppy Niamh:
Wow Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
I’m a Floyd supporter so this is no shade toward him but, for the record, Ricardo Lopez retired with a better record than Floyd’s, depending on how you look at it. Lopez retired with a 51-0-1 record, for those who didn’t know
Ronald Chump
Ronald Chump:
Vlad knows nothing about fighting

Rocky Marciano was 49-0
Anthony Ortiz
Anthony Ortiz:
If Floyd gets ko'd they'll shut down the whole internet bro seriously
I’m starting to notice a pattern. He keeps interviewing the same people over and over. Running out of people willing to come on your show Vlad?
Charles Smith
Charles Smith:
Vlad sound a little bit too excited about Floyd losing. We all know Vlad rooting for the white dude in this.
Unreleased HipHop Snippets ☑️
Unreleased HipHop Snippets ☑️:
“Legalized bank robbery” - Floyd Mayweather
Gigi’s Gucci
Gigi’s Gucci:
Floyd is known as Money-making Floyd for a reason 😂
Floyd's legacy is solidified

No Matter what happens Floyd's a all time great
Melvin Carlton Johnson III
Melvin Carlton Johnson III:
zabs always got good interviews...
Gaming With Cov
Gaming With Cov:
You’ve really inspired me to keep going with my gaming channel.,!
Ree Bucks
Ree Bucks:
Vlad won’t invite him back 😂😂that’s the end of ZAB On VladTv
C Trey
C Trey:
Damn that gotcha hat shit was wild 😂🎩 they took that shit and ran with it literally
This is my first time hearing of the Ocho undercard.
Spicy Ray
Spicy Ray:
Now how on earth is this man interviewing and doing on the talking and answering his own questions? Zab looks so bored
Kyle Pitzer
Kyle Pitzer:
I've never seen someone so happy to get knocked out. Vlad

😅🤣😂 That was some funny ass shit.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones:
Vlad has a clip for every occasion to ever happen on earth 🤣🤣
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis:
ChaveZ 89-0 before first lost… 🤭
Robby Brown
Robby Brown:
We gotta get the two biggest Youtubers in the game in the ring: Logan Paul vs Hassan Campbell!!🤔🤔
Many Gods
Many Gods:
They was sayin all this when Floyd was about to fight McGregor and you saw the outcome of that
Chozen One
Chozen One:
Zab and may fight was one of my favorites! I forever respect Zab
Ringside with the Raymonds
Ringside with the Raymonds:
Floyd will put on a show against Paul. Any Predictions?
Most apprehensions are a result of the person getting caught 💃
Him getting knocked out would jeopardize his legacy. He’s older and way smaller
Ooh Tyrone
Ooh Tyrone:
He Didn’t give VLAD anything to work with Lmao what was the point of even asking him Questions???
Klosie Morris
Klosie Morris:
Much respect for Floyd he's smart guy good thinker and very good at business making money and entertainment at 1
Vlad of all people talking about someone having a muffin top 😂😂
Pernell Haynesworth
Pernell Haynesworth:
The professional fights are in the safe‼️📌💯 50-0🥊
Majestic 718 Queens Kat
Majestic 718 Queens Kat:
Zab is just too cool

He always think b4 he talk!

ZAB seems like a thorough dude good job
Good listening skills Don’t see that nowadays among men.
According to the late great Bert sugar, Cesar Chavez had an L taken off his record early on in Mexico
lynn smith
lynn smith:
Why does Vlad always think just somebody bigger can't get knocked out by somebody smaller
Jeremiah Sephus
Jeremiah Sephus:
That’s like getting ko’d on the block in front of everybody 😂
Never say never in life “anything possible”.
Robbie nesbit
Robbie nesbit:
This interview dope Vlad
Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers:
Plain & Simple, MayWeather is a business Man
Damien Whyte
Damien Whyte:
I'm pretty sure that there is a very light fighter who retired 54 and 0
Dam Zab still looks great!!¡
50k in Giffies
50k in Giffies:
there’s no risk vlad u don’t know anything floyd is about to school paul
Jonnathan Mordan
Jonnathan Mordan:
Thank you Zab. That’s in the safe baby. Floyd is undefeated. If Floyd’s gets knocked out it’s staged. Lmaooooo. In the safe.
Mr. G
Mr. G:
somewhere in this interview I'm sure he's gonna ask Zab what he thinks of Michael Jackson's white kids
If he knocks Floyd out he is still a heavyweight fighting a lightweight 🤦‍♂️
Vlad stop it, your logic Floyd Mayweather should have asterisk now. I’m sure he lost a few if not some fights before he became a pro. Like he has said and been saying exhibition for entertainment he’s been retired.
D Penn
D Penn:
Zab is the definition of "cool". One of the best guests to sit down with Vlad.
I wanna see vlad in the ring
Robbie nesbit
Robbie nesbit:
Real talkVlad keep it going respect Glad
Blade Productions
Blade Productions:
Hats off 😂 Really Vlad
Jay Drains
Jay Drains:
I’m glad I got to enjoy boxing when it was. Competitive and great to watch back in the day .. boxing needs gimmicks for people to gain interest to watch , such a shame ..
Tyriq The Pharaoh
Tyriq The Pharaoh:
More like finding money on the floor!
Aaron Steele
Aaron Steele:
Floyd played with Paul . Then, made 30 million without break any type of sweat. Respect for Paul as well.
Can I get a mayweather fight? I’m willing to take a dive 🤣
Obliterate his legacy.. Vlad you're crazy!
Plus Floyd desperately needed a haircut!
Ruben RR
Ruben RR:
Paul aint hiding behind the internet he stepping up
Rob Van dragon
Rob Van dragon:
Zab floyd beat you so bad you cheated and hit him in the balls 🤣🤣
That's like saying the Washington Wizards affected Jordan's career
Vlad always counting another man pockets
d h
d h:
Zab "Super" Judah! But yo...he seems mad uninterested in this sit down. He was mad non committal in his answers. Vlad talkin more than his guest.
munga mathews
munga mathews:
Thank you Attorney Judah
Vision. Target. Shoot
Vision. Target. Shoot:
Vlad ia harsh interviewing the guy that lost to the guy getting $100 mill + for easy work exhibitions
Not Allowed
Not Allowed:
'Larry Holmes was approaching that and then got robbed "
Fixed that statement for you
Young Vitty
Young Vitty:
Vlad knows this interview was kinda off. Vlad wanted pop's to go against his brother.. that's the difference of being black
walter parker
walter parker:
I think it'll be entertaining since it's 8 rounds. If it were a 12 round bout, Floyd would absolutely exhaust Logan. I would like to see Logan connect something significant, though.
People still talking this "anyone can get knocked down" CRAP when it come to Floyd LMAO. He's an ENTERTAINER LOL
Steven Etienne
Steven Etienne:
Vlad likes to try and start beef just for views!
Udonkuku Sam
Udonkuku Sam:
Vlad if Floyd gets knocked I'm taking your name. GTFOH
Debo4735 X
Debo4735 X:
Knockout? They're using 12 oz gloves 🤨
david Barnes
david Barnes:
Espn replayed the Mayweather vs Zab fight. Man they both were so good. Awesome fight
Floyd made 100 mill or more, while Logan or Jake put on a hugging exhibition & went night night
If he lost it doesn't do anything to his legacy and actually people will say he lost on purpose.
chris Will
chris Will:
Whoever is actually going to watch this fight is why this b.s. will continue
Vlad trying to take something that can't be taken away. Glad Zab clarified it at the end.
Clifford Harris
Clifford Harris:
Vlad rooting for the white boys lol but he get paid off of us what a clown
scoony G
scoony G:
Zab has that post boxer slurred speech thing goin on.
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu:
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈
George George
George George:
Dudes right 💯
King Mufasa
King Mufasa:
Mayweather out here stealing money 🤣🤣🤣